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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Postal Grinch strikes again

aka: An update to the story about the post office "losing" our mail.

Back in the middle of October I wrote about how we aren't receiving all our mail. I did a little checking around and found out that several of the ladies in our Mom's group at church have also not received mail a time or two. We all live in different neighborhoods so chances are that it is not our actual mail carrier but someone at the post office. It always seems to be cards that are tempting to the postal eye. At Halloween it happened to us again. My mom sent the kids each a card. We never got them. On Oct. 17 I called my post office and I took careful notes of what the lady told me. She said she'd personally write her initials on each piece of our mail and if we received anything without her initials, to let her know immediately. Okay, let's think about this...if I didn't receive a card, it wouldn't really matter if it had her initials or not, would it? Guess what, after several days her initials were still not on any of our letters. I called her back on the 23rd. She said she'd make sure it got done. It didn't so my husband went in to the post office and asked for her. A supervisor from Houston came out and said she was helping out. She said all our mail would be bundled and counted and we too should keep count. If anything turned up missing, we'd go compare numbers. Meanwhile, my mom bought 2 more cards and sent them registered, which means she had to pay lots more to have them delivered. And so the latest incident? My mom mailed Stephen a card for his birthday. It had a check in it...which would be okay anywhere else in the world...but not here. We never got it! She also mailed a little 'thank you' card with it. We got the little card and Mom canceled the check. Stephen went to the post office where a different supervisor from Houston took his complaint. The man asked, "Do you suspect mail fraud?" Uhhhhh, yeah! The man said not to tell him anything else and he gave Stephen a phone number to call and report it. The man said there is a team from Houston that is working here so they can try to correct the problems. So.....Aggieland beware...there's a mail grinch looming out there.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

WOWsers! Was the check every cashed? (By the thief I mean?)

That's pretty scary. Can anyone say, "IDENTITY THEFT?"

Julia said...

That is absolutely NUTS! I am wondering how much mail we haven't received now! :( I know some of our mail gets mixed up with someone who has a similar address as ours in the neighborhood- I've gone to their house to deliver their mail only to find that they had received some of ours too! Ay yi yi! That is really scary. I hope it's not really mail fraud!

Stephanie said...

The check wasn't cashed, as soon as we received the Thank You card my mom sent, she stopped payment on the check.

The more I talk to people about this, the more stories I hear about missing mail in card envelopes- even wedding invitations!

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!