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Thursday, December 27, 2007

December 27-journal

Today we had to take Abby back to the hospital for another bilirubin check. We should be pros by now. The nurse sat us down in the chair and gave me the warming pouch for Abby's heel. She told me that Abby would scream. That was not a good sign. I suddenly became bold and I said, "Why will she scream, she didn't scream yesterday and our son never screamed when he came in 13 times last year?" She did not comment, she proceeded to stick Abby (no screaming) and then bend her tiny foot upward, towards her leg. THEN she screamed. I was so mad. I looked at Stephen and said, right in front of her, "What is she doing differently than the nurse yesterday?" Plus, this nurse smelled like she just finished smoking a pack. The smell of nicotine was in her skin, years and years of chain smoking. And she was touching my precious baby. She finished and told us to wait. We never had to wait before. We started talking to a college student who was also waiting. She said she was just accepted into nursing school and she was there for a drug test. She said the same nurse had taken her urine sample and flushed it down the toilet before she remembered to keep a sample for testing so she had to sit and drink water until she could produce another sample! As we left, I told Stephen that if she is there tomorrow, I will tell her she is not touching our baby again and I want another nurse.

The doctor's office called, Abby's bilirubin level is down to 16. We have to go back to the doctor tomorrow at 1:30 for a bilirubin scan (on her forehead). Please pray for an even lower bilirubin level!

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