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Monday, October 31, 2011

Costumes for All Saints' Day

I am a procrastinator this, I just didn't have time to even try to put together costumes for my kids. I just started my candy/cookie business on October 1, and it's off to a good start so I've dedicated a lot of time to that.

I must admit my knowledge of saints is still in the beginning stage and since this will be the first year we can attend the celebration, I am frantically trying to put something together. I quickly turned to Catholic Icing for ideas. There are so many wonderful ideas that I became overwhelmed and started putting them altogether in a spreadsheet. That's my OCD kicking in and it's okay if you laugh at me. Anyway, I found that all you really need is a good robe (pillowcase with holes cut or an adult t-shirt turned inside out if you're really in a hurry) in brown, white, black, maybe red or green. For a veil, you could use a skirt. Some costumes require rope around the waist. Then you add some accessories. It seems so much simpler when written this way, but looking at all the fabulous ideas on the blog was overwhelming.

So I stayed up a litle late last night making a spreadsheet. I am grouping all girls' costumes and then all boys'. Then I am grouping them by color of robe. Last is a column listing what accessories are needed. It makes it seem so much simpler (in my head at least).

If anyone can tell me how to attach a spreadsheet or put it on a website you can link to, let me know so I can share. Until then, if you leave your email address, I'll be happy to email a copy of the unfinished spreadsheet to you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Snack Time- Time Saver

For the first week of school, I found myself arguing with the kids about which snacks they could have. I wasted so much time trying to explain what was healthy and what was not, so I made a list of acceptable snacks. Then I made this picture "menu" so the kids could choose for themselves. The first few days we used it, they tried to ask me if they could have Oreos or candy. I just pointed them over to the pictures and told them if it isn't there, they can't have it. Now they take care of their own snacks and I have more time to get the smaller kids theirs.

This list comes in handy when I am making my grocery list as well.

Friday, October 7, 2011

#160 Make Your Own Puzzles

I was cutting boxes to make slotted disks when Lauren took the pieces and started putting them back together. It hit me that I could make my own puzzles using empty food boxes. You can make simple puzzles for 2-3 years olds by cutting 4-6 squares out of a picture with few details (Cap'n Crunch Cereal), or you can make them harder by cutting more squares, and by using scissors with different patterns.
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You will need:
empty boxes, scissors, a paper cutter, baggies, pencil, ruler

1) Cut the face of the box away from the rest of the box.

2) Using a ruler, draw your puzzle design on the back. The more puzzles I made, the more designs I created.

3) Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut the pieces out.

4) Store in a baggie.