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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Bucket List #1 Dye pasta or rice

You will need:

Dried pasta of all shapes and sizes or rice

rubbing alcohol

snack bags

food coloring

measuring cups

yarn to make necklaces or bracelets

1. Add about 1/2 c pasta to snack-sized baggies. We had 8 different colors so we started with 8 baggies.

2. Add 1/8 c alcohol, or just enough to coat the pasta.

3. Add about 4 drops of food coloring and mix the pasta around until mixed and coated.
4. Allow the pasta to sit, turning every 20 minutes or so, for about an hour.

5. Remove pasta to a tray to finish drying.

6. Let kids make jewelry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Sweet Spencer

I am ashamed to admit that I don't have a journal for Spencer. He is #4 and I always feel like I am chasing my tail around so I'm going to start here and hopefully buy that journal soon.

Today when Spencer woke up from his nap, he was a little fussy so I gave him his milk. He put it down and did the baby sign for "eat" and even told me, "Eeeee." I'm not sure if my other kids were signing at this age, but we're so excited to be able to communicate with him.

His first word was "duck" but it took us some time to figure out what he has been saying because it comes out, "guck."

So many exciting milestones are in the near future.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Supplies in my Supply Closet

I have made a list of just about everything you need to complete my Summer Fun Bucket List.

Bingo stampers (dot)
Borax (For MYO Bouncy Balls)
Bubble Wands
Candy Molds (Plastic, found at hobby stores in cake decorating)
cardboard from cereal boxes
Colored pencils
Cookie Sheets
Corn syrup
Cotton balls
Cotton swabs
Different colored Sharpies
Dishwashing liquid-Dawn
Dixie cups or empty yogurt containers
Empty boxes of all sizes for #s 58, 151, 147, 160, 155, and 60)
Empty plastic containers with spouts for #148 (syrup, ketchup, jelly)
Extra white flat sheets for painting
flour-self rising
Foam stamps for painting
Foil cupcake liners
Foil-heavy gauge (for #159)
Food coloring
Fuzzy balls
Giant boxes
Glass Jars (empty)
Goggle eyes
Hole punch
Ice cube trays (different shapes)
Ink pads and rubber stamps
Kool-Aid packs (for #25 and SnS watercolors)
Lemon Juice for #115
Liquid bluing (crystal rock garden)
Liquid dish soap
Liquid starch
Medicine droppers
Muffin tins
Old toothbrushes
Paint by Number ($ Tree)
Paint Rollers
paint: powdered tempera,fingerpaints, etc...
Paintbrushes (various sizes)
Paper bags big and small
Paper cutters (scrapbook style)
Paper on a roll
paper plates
Paper towel tubes
pasta-different shapes
Perler beads
Pipe cleaners
Plaster of Paris figures to paint
Plastic squeeze bottles
Popsicle sticks
Print Doodle Art Pages
PVC Pipes
Rock salt
Rocks to paint
Rubber gloves
Sand molds (found 2/$1 at Dollar Tree)
Sharpies (all colors)
Shaving cream
sheet (flat)
Small paper cups (Dixie Cups)
Soil & seeds & pots
Spray bottles-check dollar store
Squirt Bottles (saline solution)
Stepping Stone kits
Stick-on jewels
Sun Catchers to paint
Tempera paint
Tissue paper squares
Toothbrushes for #152 (6/$1 at Dollar Tree)
unsweetened Kool-Aid mix
Vegetable Cans
Vegetable Oil
Vinegar (MYO watercolors)
Water colors
Wax paper
Wrapping paper tubes