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Monday, December 17, 2007

All Food blogs about my weekend!

Friday night we moved Caleb's toddler bed to Lauren's room so he could get used to sleeping in there when my mom comes for Abby's birth. It actually went well.

Saturday was a day to remember for sure. I started out with another one of my lists- this one was a long list of everything I wanted to get done ON SATURDAY. This list included: pick up all clothes that have made it to the floor, including my DH's, organize all the Little People toys AGAIN since all 1,000 pieces were on the living room floor, clean the kitchen-not just the dishes, the counters, the floor, Caleb's seat which is his hiding place for snacks later, change sheets, get all the toys out from under the couch, get the idea. A perfectly do-able plan, except Stephen had to leave by noon to go video a show an hour away and my big ol' belly isn't gonna allow me to do half that stuff. Plus, I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions, several an hour. As noon approached, Lauren called out that she had to go to the bathroom...and it wasn't tee-tee. Poor thing has her poopie problem again. We had her on Miralax for months but she has been cured for awhile. So she basically sat there for almost an hour crying, I mean CRYING big crocodile tears. We gave her more Miralax but how long would that take? Stephen left for I turned back to the bathroom, I had to laugh at Caleb's efficiency in getting all the toilet paper off the roll and onto the floor. Then he decided it would be fun to play in the potty while his big sister sat there in agony, slobber hanging from her lips. I convinced him that playing in the dry tub would be more fun, at least for me. Then I sat there feeling helpless as Lauren cried her little eyes out.

At naptime, Caleb had half-way fallen asleep in my arms, something that he hasn't done in a long time. So I put Caleb to bed and then Lauren. She sleeps in a loft bed so we have to block the ladder to prevent Caleb from climbing up and doing daredevil stunts like taking leaps to the floor. Finally, naptime for Mommy too, right? After Lauren yelled from her bed once and then somehow climbed down the ladder and OVER the 4 foot tall kitchen that blocks her ladder, and only after threatening to call Santa to tell him that Lauren was not taking a nap, only then did she stay in bed and I managed a little nap- until Stephen called.

Not exciting? No, here is the good stuff...after dinner, DH took the kids for a bath. Caleb won't stay in long so Stephen was dressing him and he had put up a baby gate because ya know, if you don't, Caleb will make his way back into the tub-clothes and all. Lauren likes to stay and play until the water is so cold her lips turn blue. So there I was in the recliner with my feet up, still having contractions, Lauren in the tub, and she called, "Poopy Potty!" Stephen headed in to get her out of the tub and she yelled it again. Then she cried. Remember that Miralax? It kicked in. In the tub! Picture this, I jumped out of the recliner only the leg of my jammie pants got caught on the foot rest and after jamming my toe, I went right to the ground. I could not break loose from the chair. I had to ask myself if I really wanted to, I mean I knew what was waiting for me in the tub. So on top of my list for the day, I got to clean poopie out of a tub, scrub the tub with Comet and bleach, and bleach the toys. But I have to brag on my DH. I told him that I too needed a bath since a shower would require being on my feet. I already had candles lit in there and he rolled up a towel for my head and turned out the lights and I got to have a short Mommy moment. How nice!

And bedtime? The kids stayed up and played and giggled and we just let them. Lauren now tells Caleb that he is her friend, it's so sweet.

Yesterday was not so eventful, I don't think I could handle another day of so much fun. Stephen was hired to do a demo video for the Aggie Elite Wranglers to send to America's Got Talent. The kids and I went to finish up our Christmas shopping for Stephen. Lauren has done such a good job keeping his gifts a secret.

Naptime was a little challenging since both kids were awake when we put them down. They played and laughed and again Lauren got out of bed, her door flew open, and both kids came running down the hall laughing and screaming. We broke Lauren's heart when we put Caleb in his room for a nap. She cried for an hour for her little brother....their relationship is precious. I hope it lasts forever.

After her nap she wanted to change clothes. She loves changing clothes, that's why there are always clothes on the floor. She came into our room with this white halter-top/shorts outfit that is definitely for 75 degrees or above. I told her she could not wear it because it is too cold outside. So she says, "Are we going outside?" Okay, is she 3? Then a proud moment, she must have noticed the Cowboys were on TV because she said she was going to get her Cowboys' outfit. And that's what she did.

At bedtime Stephen took Lauren to potty and she told him, "We bought your presents. They are a secret. It's a secret that we got you socks. It's going to be a surprise" Then as he put her in bed, she told him, "You're getting pants too." That stinker!!!

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Texas Aggie in Florida said...

One of those kind of weekends huh? I had one of those kind of days myself. I've dealt with poop in the tub...several times. I empathize completely! GRODY!

It does take a while for that transition to occur of sleeping in the same room. Hang in there. They'll do fine. It takes a few nights but it will work. It's good that you're doing it NOW before the baby comes.