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Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's a Special Day

4 years ago today Stephen and I got married. I don't have any pics from our wedding on my work computer -Stephen, could you send me a few please? This pic is from our date night a few weeks ago.
For those of you who don't know, I met Stephen in a car accident. I was driving on the highway in Arlington, almost at my exit when all of a sudden everyone hit their brakes. It was not rush hour and very unusual to have traffic at this spot. The lady in front of me accelerated and then hit her brakes again. When I hit my brakes, Stephen hit me. My first thought was to call the police but his first thought was to jump out and run up to see if I was okay. I was a little frustrated because Heather just had Lexi and I was going to go see them at the hospital. Stephen and I waited almost 2 hours for the police to arrive and since it was a March evening, it got pretty chilly. I told him he could sit in my back seat and we talked. When the policeman did arrive, I was shivering and sweet Stephen offered me his coat. Then the officer wanted to call a tow truck for my SUV but Stephen helped pull out some of the damaged fender so I could at least drive home. He sort of hinted at going to get a drink but I had already asked my parents to meet me at my house so I had to decline (didn't want to look desperate and cancel with my parents). I really didn't want it all to end so I just asked him if he had a copy of all my information in case he needed to contact me....hey, it was the best I could do, okay? And we both drove away.
The next night he called to, "see if I was okay." I was in a very noisy Wal-Mart and the conversation seemed to go nowhere (I didn't know he was really shy) so I had to let him go after awhile. That next night I sat through 2 freezing softball games, watching Hyla's daughter play. I started sneezing and sniffling and coughing, I was a mess by the time I got home. While at the game, Hyla convinced me to call Stephen. That's what I did. He was working, I was at home all comfy in my jammies, feeling a cold coming on and we talked for hours. Then when his shift was over, he asked about that drink. It was so impulsive but after pointing out my constant sneezing and coughing, I agreed, got dressed again, and that was our first date. He proposed on June 1 and 6 months later got married.

Happy Anniversary honey, I love you. Thanks for the best 4 years of my life.
Hyla, thanks for convincing me to call him- that's what best friends are for!

Also The feast of St. Nicholas is on Dec. 6th. It is a highlight of the Advent season. Each child puts out a shoe the night before St. Nicholas Day in the hope that the kind bishop — with his miter, staff, and bag of gifts — will pay a visit. The current “Santa Claus” is modeled after St. Nicholas, but commercialism has tarnished the true story. Many families give gifts on both Dec. 6 and Christmas.
Here's a great link I bloglifted from Julia


Julia said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys! Stephanie you look just beautiful...and Steven looks spiffy too! :) Happy St. Nicholas day!

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