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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Doctor's do kids know these things? Grandmother

First, my appointement yesterday went well. Abby is in position and there is no concern that I'll have her in the next week. I showed my doctor my elephant ankles and she didn't seem concerned and I suddenly found that I was happy my mom left her 80s style boat/deck shoes at my house because I just slipped them on this morning.

Second, if you are squeamish, skip this paragraph. Monday night Lauren was concentrating on putting window clings in the window when the baby gate fell over on her foot and she screamed out in pain. Really, I've never heard her cry like this before and I wondered how bad could it possibly be? Well, her big toenail was purple. She cried and she cried. Last night she was proudly carrying around a rolling pin, waiting for us to make cookies. She followed me in to get Caleb from his nap and all of a sudden she cried out in pain again. I looked at the floor and there was blood splatter everywhere: on the rolling pin, on Caleb's mattress, on the carpet. Her poor little toe was bleeding and again, it took forever to get her mind off of her poor toe.

So I kept thinking what could I put on her toe to protect it from falling objects, little brothers, bumps, etc.... I thought and I thought and then I knew. Grandma had bought her some "Tink" slippers and they were wrapped and under the tree. Stephen agreed that this was our best solution. You should have seen her little face as she opened the present. She was so excited and it definitely took her mind off the pain. A little while later she said, "But at Wal-Mart you said Santa would get it."
"Get what Lauren?"
"Mommy, you said Santa would bring me the Tink slippers, not Grandma!"
Good grief, not only does she have a memory, but she also processes what you tell her and she holds you to it!
God love 'em!

Finally, there seems to be some good news about my grandmother, please read the update in the prayer requests section on the right and please continue to pray!

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