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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Who will be the next president?

aka: Who is Duncan Hunter?
I am ashamed to say I know nothing about our 50 current candidates, okay, maybe there's not 50 but it seems like it. Anyway, I know who I do NOT want to run our country and it is no secret that I am a conservative republican. I found this link on Heather's blog. You answer 11 quick questions and then it tells you who you tend to agree with the most. So I matched up with Duncan somebody and Fred Thompson was a close 2nd. What about you?

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Tasha said...

Hi Aggieland Mommy! I saw your comment on my blog - thanks for visiting and feel free to visit again! I took the quiz - how interesting! I'm going to send the links to my friends!

Gig 'Em! Tasha c/o '03