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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm losing my mind!

I don't know what age it's supposed to happen but it has officially happened. I'm sure it started before Friday but that's when I began to notice it. Friday afternoon, Stephen had to run to the cable company to drop off a commercial he made for Delta Zeta. I decided it would be nice for all of us to go together, ya know, get out of the house. I said we could run to Hobby Lobby after dropping off the tape. So as we were driving down the highway, we passed Barron Rd. I shrieked. Seeing Barron Rd. reminded me that I had signed up to COOK and deliver a meal to a family from church who recently had a baby. It was 4:00 and they eat dinner at 5:30. The meal had to cook for 45 minutes. How did I forget that? I thought about it every day that week and I even emailed Dana that morning to confirm. Luckily we made it home around 4:30 and I pulled a few tricks out of my hat and we delivered to her door at 5:32! Whew!

But today....I've never done what I did today. I took a late lunch so I could go straight to my 1:30 doctor's appt after lunch. I have finally learned a few tricks about that office and 1:30 is the BEST time to get my doctor. That's the first appt after lunch so she can't be behind unless of course there is a delivery. Anyway, I was at home for lunch and decided to pull my appt card out of my purse just to be sure the appt wasn't at 1:15 or anything like that. Nope, 1:30 YESTERDAY! And there's a charge for not making your appointments. I even talked to 2 people at that office yesterday morning and I said I'd see them tomorrow.

How could this happen? So after thinking about it for some time, I decided to go up there like my appt was today and just see what would happen. I got a great parking spot and went inside. I waited on the elevator and then a sign.... My old ob/gyn was standing there looking at me. Dr. G is the doctor that delivered Lauren. He is truly a nice man and smiled and asked how I've been doing. I did the best I could to suck in my 6 month pregnant belly and told him great and that was that. Was this telling me what was to come? I got to my doctor's office, signed in, sat down and waited.....then I heard, "Mrs. A****?" Oh, here it comes. Luckily, I got the nice lady. She said my appt was yesterday and I totally played dumb. I asked her what I needed to do. She said she'd look at the appt book and did I want to wait for an appt today? I said,"Only if it's not inconveniencing anyone." Then Dr. B said she'd see me. It's a good thing we have a little more than a normal Dr/patient relationship, her children attend my school. She didn't seem to mind that I missed my appt and she proceeded to talk about her kids. No harm done after all!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Actually it's called "DIPS...dumbness induced by pregnancy syndrome". I had it both times! I read about it in a magazine once. totally normal. Your brain actually shrinks when you're pregnant and MOST of the time it goes back to normal size after giving birth. Isn't that encouraging?

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad there's a name for it and I'm even happier that it should go away. Thanks!