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Friday, October 26, 2007


Lauren has decided that naptime doesn't mean she actually has to sleep anymore. Let me say that Lauren has always been a WONDERFUL napper. She usually goes down at 1:00 and sometimes we have to wake her up at 5:00. Lately she has been playing, which is fine as long as she stays in her room, but yesterday she must have had her own little fashion show because when she came out of her room to potty, she was wearing something completely different than what she went in with. And later when she came out because she heard me at home, she was wearing something different again.

So, how many different outfits do you think she tried on in a 3 hour period? We're going to have a quick lesson on hanging up clothes! Mommy's big ol' belly can't bend over anymore.

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Laura Brittain said...

After reading this entry, I realized you are pregnant with #3! Congratulations!!! Being a mom of 3 is BUSY but fun. You have some sweet pictures of your little ones on your blog. :o)