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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Fun

I want to know what your greatest memory of Halloween is or what you now do for your kids. My greatest memories are of our old neighborhood back in Fort Worth. There were 5 girls around my age and we all had little brothers around the same age. We had the coolest neighborhood! Our parents would dress up and set up someone's garage as a spook house. Lisa, do you remember this? I remember being blindfolded and sticking my hands in different bowls of "mush" like eyeballs (grapes) and brains (pasta noodles). Those were good times. I also remember Lisa, Amy, and I going to haunted houses with our moms. I need to get the pictures from my mom and scan them in.

Now that my children are getting old enough to enjoy the Halloween fun, I want to start collecting ideas and hopefully soon we'll live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, just like good ol' Franwood Terrace. Then I can pass along the traditions too. Ahhh, good times!

This is where I'll start an ongoing post of fun ideas like games and recipes for Halloween. Please share your ideas by clicking on comments below.

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Ghostly Cookies:
Melt white almond bark and dip Nutter Butter cookies in completely. Chill until firm. Add black eyes and a mouth. You may try to attach to a lollipop stick for decoration effects.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I'm afraid I'm not of much help! It was just kind of another day in our house. We dressed up and went trick or treating, but we never decorated or anything like that. With our own kids, we've always taken them to a church event on Halloween where they still are in their costumes and get candy, but a little safer than the door to door thing I guess?

Anonymous said...

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Thanks again!


hyla said...

When I was growing up, my brothers rooms were adjoined by an accordian door. Do you remember this Steph? So the boys would open up both rooms and create a haunted house - complete with the furniture rearranged and 2 levels! (The twins had bunk beds.) Then they would turn off the lights and actually charge admission to the family - my parents, my grandparents, any friends or neighbors, etc. Then you would go through the haunted house with spooky music in the background and feel your way around, touch "eyeballs" and "brains", and have monsters jump out and scare you. VERY FUN STUFF! Those were some of the good reasons to have 3 older brothers. Of course, we did the traditional trick or treating too but this was definitely the highlight every year. thaks for letting me reminisce for a few minutes.

Stephanie said...

I forgot about the accordian door. I can't imagine what crazy stuff Jeff, Brent, and Drew came up with for you guys but those are really neat memories. Glad you shared!

Sandra said...

Stephanie, thank you for dropping by my blog, I'm always thrilled to see new friends :)

These are some great links you gave us, thank you I'll definitely go check them out :)

I've added you to my blogroll btw :)