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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I need your ideas

Our postal service is the worst. Let me tell you all that has happened to us in the 4 years we've been here. In November '03 I mailed out rehearsal dinner invitations in BRIGHT green envelopes. All my friends in the DFW area received theirs but one of my bridesmaids who lives in CS 2 miles away never got hers. Well, I shouldn't say never. Months later she got it and she said it was all crumpled up. How does a bright green envelope get lost in the mail? Then, when we went to visit my parents in Nov. 04, after Lauren was born, I left the plug for my breast pump in Bedford. You can't just run to Wal-Mart and buy a replacement you know. My parents mailed it and it took almost a month for me to get it. I was running the pump off batteries and they just don't work the same. When I called the post office to complain, they said maybe the ink ran and the address wasn't legible. WHAT? First of all, the return address label is a label. Second of all, have you seen my mom's handwriting? It is like a rubber stamp. When I was in school my friends all told me I'd never be able to forge that handwriting. Seriously, there is no way the label was illegible.

For Easter this year my mom sent a card to each of the kids and a card to Stephen and me. She sent them altogether but Lauren NEVER got her card. My Mother-in-law sent me a Mother's Day card this year, I have never received it. The latest mystery is my mom mailed Halloween cards from Bedford 2 Saturdays ago, October 6. We still have yet to see them. I know that about a year ago one of the news stations did a story on this but it doesn't seem like it has gotten any better. I didn't even mention the sales ads that say please deliver between and we get them the last day of the sale.

So.....any other Aggieland readers having this problem?
Anyone else out there have some legal suggestions?


Laura Brittain said...

Aggieland Mommy, I found your blog off of A Dash of This and A Pinch of That blog. Shannon, the author, is a dear friend of mine. ANYWAY, I live in Aggieland, too, AND we DO have the worst mail service. I have had MANY of the same problems you mentioned and have even called the post office to complain. I wonder if we are on the same route? Shannon is on my same route, too, since she lives just a few blocks from me, but I've never talked to her about it. Anyway, just wanted to comment that I feel you exact pain! Glad to have found your blog. You can check mine out by going to my profile. Blessings. :o)

OP SuZ Q said...

Oh my goodness!! I just happened upon your blog somehow - not sure how!! My parents live in Bryan - off of 2818 - and my mom sent 2 of my kids bday cards in March - with pictures in them - and we have never seen them!!! I kind of thought she was getting Alzheimer's!!! (not really - but it did cross my mind!!) Maybe this is the "explanation"!!!