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Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well, the only real news I have is that the Aggies won! Whoop! And since Texas has lost 2 conference games, we are #1 in the Big 12 South. Stephen has contracted to video some football games every Saturday through Nov. 10 so the kids and I did some laundry and watched the OU-Texas game. Lauren asked if it was the Aggies and I tried to explain that it was OU and t.u. So she tried her best and said, "Go Cowboys!" Now that should make Papa proud. During the Aggie game I was shouting and whooping and hollering and Lauren added her support as well, "You can do it, I know you can."

Well now let's go back to Friday. I was browsing the realtor website and stumbled upon a fixer-upper, no dump, I mean money pit, dream house? This house is on 2 acres, it has 5 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms, a study, a sunroom, we're talking over 5,000 sq. ft. and the price is definitely in our price range. Looking at the picture, there are 3 more windows to the right that you can't even see in the picture. We're talking huge! I thought of how Stephen could have his own office and our friends and family could have their own bedrooms and bathrooms, heck, they could have their own wing! So I did my homework. It was built in '75 and the original owner had it until March '06. The buyer had it until Feb '07 when the bank took over.
This bathroom has been redone.

This bathroom has not. I wonder about the other 2 1/2 bathrooms.

This is one wall in the kitchen.

Looks like some new cabinets were installed. There's hope!
Wouldn't this be a fun project? I mean, if there is a working bathroom and kitchen, couldn't we live there and fix it up as we go? We have friends who just bought a house and remodeled every room. We could do it too. So I showed this house to Stephen and we drove out to see it Friday night. It has a wrought iron fence lining the front and along the sides as far as you can see. It has a fabulous circle drive that leads up to the beaming entry, reminds me of a hotel. Can you imagine decorating for the holidays? It definitely has possibility. Since it was dark, we couldn't see much more than what the picture shows. I did see a spiral staircase though.
But what's that saying? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Yes, well, I was mentioning this "dream" to a friend at work and it turns out that the family who owned it from '06-'07 used to attend our school. This house is in another school zone so the students transferred when they moved. The father told one of our teachers how the old man had started remodeling and took out some walls and maybe even some structural beams, oh no! And....there was a pool in the backyard that the old man tossed stuff in and then filled in? What?
Bummer! Guess we'd better do our future searches through a real person, not the internet.

Yesterday was a day of more laundry, rest, and relaxation. I don't know about your kids but my kids love to help with the laundry. Caleb loves to close the dryer door after each bundle I toss in from the washer. Then as I set the laundry basket down, he loves to see how far all the hangers will fly in the living room and how far spread out they can be. Maybe what he really loves is watching me spend 10 minutes picking them all up. Then, if he doesn't want to climb on top of all the clean laundry, he likes to play toss across with all the clothes in the basket and if I'm really lucky to have his help, he likes to climb up on the couch and grab all the neat piles of clothes and see how far they'll fly across the room. I'm so lucky to have such help!
So in between loads of laundry, we watched the race and cleaned out closets and other clutter so we can get our house on the market. Most of the time, the kids played with their toys, but you can't go into the bathroom without Caleb trying to race you to get there. He has bathroom radar. He just knows that that's where you are going. What's so exciting about the bathroom? I just don't see the fun in unrolling the toilet paper for the hundredth time. Instead of fighting Caleb for the toilet paper, I decided to give him one square and do you know what he did with it? He put it over his mouth and made a blowing sound. It was really cute y'all. I guess he's watched me blow my nose so much that he wanted to do it too.
So that's it, it really was not an exciting weekend but it sure feels good getting some clutter out of the house.


Harold's family and friends said...

I've seen this house on the market since June! Are you really thinking about it???? I bet it would be a beautiful renovation project when it's all done.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I would still look into the house and have an inspector come out to check on the structural aspect. I bet a pool would be doable to dig the dirt out if it's already there??? Maybe. Check into it. It looks dreamy to me. I would love a fixer upper project like that. But you have to figure in that you will need lots of $$$ to put into it. You could negoiate a "flooring allowance" or whatever into the cost of the home so you'll have some money to put into it immediately.