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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

We live in a hidden neighborhood. I mean it is right off of the access road but there are people who were born and raised in this town and they have no idea our little neighborhood exists. There are only 2 streets with I don't know, maybe 30 houses on each street? Somehow, even our neighborhood is not immune from renting to students and I have to say most of the college students here are law-abiding citizens. Except for the house across the street! Keep in mind that their back yard butts up to an office building parking lot.

So as I was driving home for lunch yesterday, I noticed about 3 police cars parked in the parking lot where their house is. Then I saw the police officers sitting on top of their fence. All I could think of was, "Great! What now?"
Several years ago we came home to see the Brazos Valley Task Force conducting a drug raid at that house. We do not live in the ghetto!

These tennants have been there since August and they seem like nice people. So I drove down our street and noticed the animal control truck in front of their house. I remembered how our dog was barking at something under our deck the other night so I sent Stephen over to see if maybe this critter was in their back yard. The animal control officer (who was sitting in her truck) just told Stephen they were waiting for the tennants to come home. Okay....what on earth could be going on? Some more police arrived and one of the tennants arrived and walked them into the back yard. Stephen decided to go check the mail, which is up the street and around on the next street. When he got home the phone rang. It was another neighbor who told Stephen she saw him walking and he needed to close the garage and stay inside because some pit bulls were loose, one had already bitten a neighbor and a police officer had to shoot one that was coming at him aggressively. It's a good thing we hadn't been playing outside when the dogs got loose, I can't imagine.

It has been confirmed on the news that the dogs were over on the street behind ours and they were not allowing people to get to their cars. I found out today that one of the people who was chased back into her house is the sweet older woman who lives 2 doors down from the dog owner. Animal control could not get close enough to catch the dogs because they were so aggressive so they called the police. I absolutely love dogs, I have had dogs my whole life. I believe the police officer had every right to shoot that dog. I don't think pit bulls are dogs, they are beasts. I have seen many shows on them and it is just their nature, no matter how they are raised, to have killer instinct. They have the most powerful jaws that can snap just about anything. I don't want to start a controversy here but too many innocent people, often children, are mawled by these beasts and I see no sense in having them around. Stephen works at the local TV station and whenever email is sent to the station, it is sent to all the employees. The dog owner wrote in to say how dare that police officer shoot the dog? How could he leave him to die? He was outraged at how this was handled and about the fact that he is being fined. He said everyone knows that his dog is sweet and now his dog will never be the same. Can you believe that? Hey dude, how about all the neighbors who were terrorized? What if the smaller kids were outside playing as they sometimes are? All of this in our nice, quiet neighborhood.


Laura Brittain said...

I saw the dog thing on the news. That is terrible. I'm glad we live in a neighborhood that will not allow you to rent your house or the rooms in it out. I love dogs, too, but I have no problem with shooting a dog that is coming after a person. It makes me sick the way people are so concerned with their dogs but not human life.

Oh, you can also link to my recipe blog. :o) Glad you like it. You look familiar to me. We may have run into each other sometime. I go to the same church Shannon does so don't know if you go there.

Anyway, glad you and your family and your neighbors are safe. Blessings.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

well, we DO live in the ghetto and there are pit bulls roaming our neighborhood all the time. And I walk Candice on a leash twice a day because we don't really have a backyard to speak of. SCARY! We've called animal control so many times. I don't mind pit bulls but KEEP THEM IN YOUR HOUSE OR YARD and be a responsible pet owner for cryin out loud!!!! It makes me crazy!