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Friday, October 26, 2007

Not my "Itty Bitty Boy" anymore

We set up the toddler bed almost a month ago so that Caleb could get used to it. We had it set up with the headboard against the wall so he could get on and off by himself. So for weeks Lauren and Caleb have had fun playing on the bed. A few weeks ago we turned the bed around and tried letting him sleep in the bed. We left the crib in place as a precaution and we put pillows on the floor at the end of the bed just in case. As soon as we closed the door we heard a loud thump and sure enough, he had escaped, so back to the crib he went. But the next day, the bed once again became a cool place to play. As we were cleaning the house, Caleb climbed into the bed and amused himself. At about 11:45 I realized that even though his door was open, I didn't hear him anymore. Any good parent knows that silence is NOT golden when your kids are in a different room. When I walked across the hall, this precious moment is what I found.

And he has slept there ever since.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

That's AWESOME! Pray that continues! Moving to a big girl bed did the opposite for Ashton. No more naps! And she's only 2 1/2! UGH!!!

Julia said...

SO SWEET! I'm so glad the adjustment is going well! Let's hope he doesn't outsmart ya'll and figure out how to climb out the window anytime soon!!! ;)

Sandra said...

Love the pictures, hop he adjusts well :)