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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What women say...what men hear!

Welcome to my first issue of "What women say....what men hear." I decided to blog about this after a few things happened while we were at our friends' making programs for my mom's funeral. If you didn't read the post I wrote about Stephen's misunderstandings about sausage and caramel, you must read that before you continue.

Mandy and Shane had made a wonderful dinner and the husbands were putting the kids in their seats at the table.
Mandy said to her husband: Put a towel under Caleb. All women who are reading this can clearly picture her husband picking Caleb up off the seat and putting a towel down, right?
What her husband did: Spread out a towel under the chair. Yep, my husband would have done the same thing.

The next night as Mandy and I were on the computer picking out pictures for the funeral, Shane came in and asked her if she wanted him to bathe the boys. She had already asked him earlier but she shook her head yes and told him yes, it was getting late.
What her husband did: Went back into the kitchen and loaded dishes into the dishwasher.
What I did: laughed and told her that my husband does the same thing.

Come back for more stories about: What women say...what men hear.

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