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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We sold our house and yesterday we signed the contract on our new house. I wish I could be really excited but I can't. The buyer insisted that we close on or before May 15. We are leaving town on May 16 for Abby's baptism in Fort Worth on May 17. We offered to close on May 9 and the buyer did not respond. After more than 24 hours, our realtor called his realtor and found out he was mad at us for picking May 9, not sure why that upset him. Then we asked if we could lease the house back for a few days, you know, so we could move. The buyer's lender said no! They said the buyer had to take possession at closing so now we are in a big jam! We have movers coming on the 14th to load EVERYTHING, including the refrigerator. Stephen and I have just decided to "camp out" in our house that night with sleeping bags for us and air mattresses for the kids. Then on the morning of the 15th, we'll pack up our camping gear and head to closing. We have a friend lined up to watch the kids if she can.

So that's why I am NOT excited about moving!


Deirdre said...

Well that is poopy of the buyer! I hope everything else goes well. Congratulations on selling your house!

tales_from_the_crib said...

congratulations, and hope it all turns out well~