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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Abby's visit to the doctor

I have to say when it rains, it pours. Today was just crazy. At work I've been giving an online test to our English Language Learners so I've had to take lunch earlier than usual. Today (at home) we had a showing at the same time I got lunch so I couldn't go home. I met Stephen & the kids & we ran errands. He told me we had another showing at 4:00 which interfered with the time we'd be at the doctor. We also had a showing coming at 4:15.

I went home early so I could make Abby's doctor's appt. Our good friend Bri came over to watch Lauren and Caleb and we promised her we'd be home before the first showing. As we were in the examining room, Stephen's phone rang. It was the realtor who was going to come at 4:00 and he wanted to show the house immediately because he was already in the neighborhood. So we called Bri and she said she'd take the kids outside to play. Then another call came in...another realtor who was just in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by. So that's 3 showings in like 30 minutes.

So the first thing we did was weigh Abby. She is up from 7 lbs 4 oz to 7 lbs 11 oz. We are so pleased with those numbers. Then the doctor came in and explained that the 2nd urinalysis had some bacteria growth. It could have been a contaminate from Abby's body but he didn't like taking a chance that she has a kidney infection or UTI. He told us our choices were to catheterize again and hope the sample was clean, check her in to the hospital for a sonogram and a dye injection into her kidney, or to do nothing at all (which he didn't recommend). Stephen and I asked him a lot of questions and decided to attempt the catheter again. We couldn't justify going to the hospital when no one is even sure if that is the true problem. One of the factors that put us at ease was that Abby had a full belly and was pretty content. Dr. H also told us that if there is pain, she will not remember it and it will be insignificant compared to what she'll have to go through at the hospital. They called in the nurse who has a reputation of being great at inserting catheters. Abby cried at first. It seemed like a long time but in actuality it was probably only a minute. The nurse got it in and Abby quickly released enough of a sample to be tested. Within 5 minutes the 1st test came back crystal clear. Now we have to wait until Friday to find out if the culture grows anything. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Just a few more days and hopefully all of this will be over.

As we arrived home, we saw a realtor's car in the driveway so we parked next door and headed to the backyard. At the same time, another realtor pulled up, saw the other realtor's car, and went to another house that is for sale. The realtor and his clients who were in our house were on the back porch. They were pretty understanding of the babysitter being home with the kids. Shortly after they went in, the other realtor came out back. It was just crazy! I just wanted to go inside and relax. So 4 showings today and already one scheduled for Friday. I just want to sell this house and get into a 4 bedroom so we can get the kids' toys out again and so we can assemble Abby's crib and put all her cute things out. Right now she is in a bassinet in our room and all her clothes are in our closet.

So thanks to all of you for your comments and prayers. It comforts me to know that when I am too busy to pray, someone else is praying on my behalf.

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Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I hope the 2nd test comes back clear too. That's great that you've had so many showings!!! I know it's a pain though. I wonder why they didn't put the bag on her under her diaper rather than the catheter. Maybe just b/c it's faster??? And maybe they get a larger sample that way??? Ashton had the bag on her at the pediatrician's office several times when she was a baby. It just sort of tapes on their privates and when they tinkle, it goes in the bag. It never took more than 30 min to get a sample. and it's painless. If you have to do it again, ask for the bag.