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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great News!

We have officially payed off our last credit card! My friends and family all know that we've been faced with a lot of unpredictable hardships starting with the day we met in March 2003. We met in a car accident! So we started out with deductibles. Then when we moved to Aggieland, my house in Fort Worth had not sold and we were renting this house until we could buy it so we were paying 2 house payments for almost 5 months. We put our wedding and honeymoon on credit cards and 8 months later our first child was born prematurely. She was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Houston where she stayed for 3 weeks. You can not imagine the expenses for us to stay away from home that long. Can you imagine the costs just in meals? And our insurance fiscal year started over during that time so we had to pay the maximum out of pocket $2500 two times. When we brought her home we had to rent equipment for her and then she had to have very expensive RSV shots for 6 months. When she was 10 months old we found out we were expecting #2. There were some concerns from the first sonogram so we had to have another and that cost us money. When Caleb was born, he had jaundice so we had to go to the lab DAILY for bloodwork and again we had to rent a bili light. I didn't have all 6 weeks saved up at work so I went unpaid half of the leave.

Last May I found out I was pregnant with #3 and again, there were concerns which required extra sonograms. When she was born, she had jaundice and again we had to rent a bili light. Again, I did not have the 6 weeks maternity leave saved up at work and 15 days of my leave were unpaid.

See, one thing after another. But God is good and sent us help.

We did it with help from family. We were so lucky to have a truck given to us so we could sell one vehicle and reduce our payments. We were so blessed to be given two family loans. Now we can focus on paying those loans off so we will be completely DEBT FREE!

By the way, we stopped using credit cards almost 3 years ago and will never do so again!

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Texas Aggie in Florida said...

That's INSANE! But awesome how y'all have stayed strong and stuck together through it all to make the best of it and get out of debt. YEA! Congrats!!!