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Monday, February 25, 2008

House For Sale (finally)

I never thought it would happen. Our "honey-do" list to get the house ready to sell was so long and it seemed like every time one thing was crossed off, two more things would get added. Stephen did almost all the work. He painted every room except the kids' rooms. He weeded our very overgrown flowerbeds, trimmed the bushes, and planted flowers in the front. Our yard guy came to the rescue to do the back flowerbed. Stephen powerwashed the windows, took out very heavy furniture, and packed what seemed like 100's of boxes to take to storage. It's hard work and then you add a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old (boy who gets into everything), and a 2 month old who nurses for an hour, every 3 hours.
Saturday was such a beautiful day that I took Lauren and Caleb out to play while I planted lots and lots of flowers for hanging baskets. We have a very nice swingset that should have kept the kids' attention but NO...our darling Caleb ate the dirt, tried to eat sticks, and crawled under our deck from one side to the other. (Edited) How could I forget when he dunked his head into a pot of dirt and whirled it around and around. It really seemed gross to me but then I told myself, 'he's a boy and let him do boy things.' Man, it's a wonder that no one got sick or hurt!
After you get it all done, it makes it hard to want to go. If we didn't need a 4th bedroom, we'd stay. It's a wonderful house. It's our first home as a married couple and it's the home we have brought all 3 kids to's just a structure, right? It's family that makes the house a home. So, do you know anyone who wants to buy a much loved home in Aggieland?
And thanks honey for all your hard work. It's just about over.


Deirdre said...

I cried when we sold our first house. My Dh didn't understand why I was so sentimental about a "structure."

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

It looks GREAT! Good job y'all!

Anonymous said...

Cute House! Good Luck!


SimmonsFamily said...

OH my gosh. How did you get your house looking so pristine with three children so young? Will you post tips on your blog? This is THE most stressful thing about putting out house on the market. By the way, we are moving in town too. Just not sure where yet.

Julia said...

I am going to pass this on to the bcsmamas group that I am a part of - several people are looking for houses. The house really looks like perfection in the pictures, but it looks that way in person too! :)