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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cracked and bleeding

If you are a man (like one of my uncles or cousins), this won't interest you, believe me! Just scroll down until you see pictures and no one will get embarrased.

Abby got thrush and I didn't notice it in time. In case you don't know, thrush is when babies get the white bumps on their tongue. It has affected my nipples. I left a message on the pediatrician's nurse's voice mail. His male nurse returned the call and told me to put Lamisil on my nipples and areola, that was a fun conversation. Caleb had thrush too but I caught it earlier and it didn't affect me like it has this time. My nipples are cracked and bleeding. Ohhhhh they hurt and where one crack is healing, it is oozing with puss. I don't think my DH gets a kick out of me telling him to look at the cracks, blood, and puss if ya know what I mean. It's not too romantic. Maybe that will work in my favor since I am too tired for romance anyway..... he he.

So you experienced Moms out there, do you know of anything that would make me heal faster?

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