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Monday, February 2, 2009

Yes, that was my son...

running up and down the aisles at church yesterday.

We sit at the back of the church for many reasons. First, Lauren leaves during mass to go to 'Childrens' Liturgy of The Word' so we like to be by the doors so she can find us when she comes back. Second, Caleb is in the nursery and we want to be easily found, if needed. Third, Abby will not stay in the nursery so sitting towards the back helps if Stephen needs to make a fast get-away with her.

Yesterday 11:00 mass was standing room only, I guess because all the regulars at 5:30 mass were going to be watching the Super Bowl- why, I'm not sure. So we had our places at the back of the church. Abby turned around and as people were walking in and out of the church, she was waving at them and saying, "Bye-bye." Thankfully that kept her busy for most of the mass.

At the end of mass, Stephen goes to pick up Caleb from the nursery so he can run (I mean walk) up to the altar to get the childrens' bulletin with Lauren. Last week Stephen decided not to bring Caleb back into the church because it is hard to keep him quiet. But Caleb was disappointed taht he didn't get his "Jesus book." So this week Stephen decided to pick Caleb up early and just wait in the Narthex. When it was time for the children to go get their bulletins, Caleb ran full speed ahead. And he never came back. Lauren came back, but no Caleb. Stephen was trying to tell me some story and I pointed out that he'd better go figure out if Caleb had rushed the altar or something. Just then, I heard his little voice yelling, "I want Mommy, I want Mommy, I want Mommy!" over and over again. And I saw him running down an aisle on the other side of the church. Then I saw him turn around and head back to the altar.

I was quite embarrased but the people around him were quite amused. Stephen finally caught up to him and brought him back to our seats. Phew!

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Patty D said...

He was so cute! Been there with mine! Don't worry about it!