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Monday, February 9, 2009

Just for my long, lost friend

I don't have much time to check email, blog, or Facebook on the weekends. I'm too busy running errands, doing about 12 loads of laundry (if you count sheets), and spending time with the whole family since Stephen works nights.

When I checked Facebook this morning, I had a cute message on my wall from my old neighbor, Heather. I was exstatic when I found her on FB, by the way. She said it had been two days since she had anything to read so I told her I'd see if there was anything blogworthy so here goes....

Friday was my birthday. For some reason, Stephen and I both woke up at midnight so he wished me a happy birthday at midnight...but never again. Is it just me or would that have upset anyone else out there? He didn't tell the kids that it was my special day because I know they would have showered me with, "Happy Birthdays." I went to a meeting that morning and straight to work. When I got home, I thought maybe it would be different. But it wasn't. I was greeted with toys and clothes on the floor and I found Stephen upstairs working on the computer. I tried to hold in my disappointment. Later I asked what our plans were and he acted as if it were just another Friday. his defense, his family does not go out for holidays, birthdays, etc... but hello? This is our 6th year together. Last year he learned a BIG lesson when he didn't even get me a gift.

Well, this year I did get a gift so I guess I should be happy. We went out to dinner, I looked for clothes at a nearby store, and home. Happy Birthday to me! My dad didn't even call and this is the first birthday without my mom.

Saturday was boring. I did laundry, threw some chili in the Crock Pot, more laundry, and more laundry.

This morning was another story. As I was drying my hair, I could hear Stephen's voice over the hair dryer. When I turned it off, he told me that Abby woke up with a dirty diaper and it was all up her back. Ewww. I helped him get a bath started, then I stripped her bedding, and did MORE LAUNDRY! I guess that explains why Abby wasn't interested in dinner last night.

So that's my boring, unexciting weekend. And if you're interested in that chili recipe, it's on my cooking can click on "Crock Pot" in the labels section on the right. We were going to have Crock Pot Swiss Chicken Casserole tonight but someone forgot to get the chicken out to thaw.

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Deirdre said...

Happy belated birthday!

I fully understand the laundry thing. The weekends are a whirlwind of housework and catching up and then here is Monday again!