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Friday, February 13, 2009

I lost 5 lbs

and trust me, I don't want them back. I didn't lose them in the traditional manner, you know, exercise and a healthy diet. That's not me at all. We all had the stomach bug. AGAIN! I went about 12 years without throwing up. When Caleb was a newborn Stephen and I got the bug and it has been coming back ever since. We got it last August and again this week.

Poor Abby got it first but luckily it passed quickly. Monday morning she woke up with a dirty diaper that went up her back and let's just say the sheets and blanket had to be thrown in the wash. Later that day she threw up her juice but that was the only throwing up for her.

Tuesday Caleb had the BIG D and told Stephen his tummy hurt. He had never said that before. Later, Stephen called me at work to tell me that Caleb threw up....all over Stephen. I started to feel my tummy rumble a little bit. When I got home from work, I sprayed and wiped the house with Clorox, for what that was worth. I mean, the virus was already multiplying in places we couldn't see. Stephen went to work and my bathroom marathon began. Yup, that's not fun when the baby wants to be at your heels. At one point I just knew I was going to throw up so I called Stephen and told him to get home. But I didn't throw up.

Lauren started complaining about her stomach but she never had the BIG D so we thought she just wanted attention. All of a sudden, Caleb (who was snuggling in my lap) started to throw up. Luckily I had a bowl for him. As he was just finishing, Lauren started. Bless her heart, all over her Tinker Bell costume. The one she has worn every day since she got it last Easter. Right as she finished and headed for the bathroom, it was my turn.

Poor Abby was so scared because of all the noise. She was crying and Stephen was running in 3 different directions. That was it for the kids- well, throw up wise. I tried to go to work on Wednesday but was too weak and stayed in bed til after noon.

I am pretty sure it has passed and won't be back. I know of a few friends who have had relapses and Caleb and Abby's diapers aren't solid yet. But I lost 5 lbs and so far-knock on wood- they haven't come back.

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SimmonsFamily said...

I am glad you guys are done. We still haven't gotten it and everyone in town has. Yikes...