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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Caleb's Big Day

My little boy will be 3 next Tuesday. For his 2nd birthday, Stephen and I spent all of February planning the coolest Thomas birthday party ever! We spent countless hours making..painting..cutting. It was planned for April 12 in our hometown. But my mom died April 10th and we rushed out the door that day and left some of his party stuff behind.

This year for Caleb's birthday party, he wants........THOMAS again! Yippee. That's fine with me. We are having the party here so it won't even be the same guests. We kept a few of the decorations and games (like Thomas Bingo) and it won't take us too long to recreate some of the things that didn't make it back home. Since we moved 5 weeks after his party last year, there's no telling where the other things are.

The other night, after bathtime, all Caleb wanted to wear was his Thomas jammies. He even put them on himself. But he got them out of the dirty clothes. I seriously had to wrestle him to the ground to get them off and I only got him to stop crying by giving him his red flannel Thomas jammies.

Last night after their baths, he pulled his dirty red jammies out of the dirty clothes and started to put those on. Somehow I diverted his attention and scrambled to hide them under my sheets. I later buried them at the bottom of the clothes hamper. But I didn't think to bury the Thomas T-shirt he wore yesterday. The one he wore to the park and ROLLED in the dirt and leaves in.

This morning, he found it and was naked in no time, trying to put on that filthy, disgusting shirt.

So...please...will someone tell me where I can buy more Thomas shirts?

Which brings up another topic. When will the madness end? He has Thomas swim shorts, a Thomas beach towel, lots of the Thomas trains that go with his track, several Thomas videos, Thomas books, Thomas bedding that I got from a co-worker for $15, Thomas underwear, Thomas shoes, a Thomas umbrella, a Thomas bike, a conductor hat/whistle/bandanna set, 2 Thomas puzzles for 4 year olds that he has done in 5 minutes, and yes, he was Thomas for Halloween. Do you know how many Thomas things are out there? He can spot these things a mile away. And all he wants is more Thomas stuff. Because he does not have:

Thomas Goes to the Fair Puzzle at Toys R Us
Thomas the Train Great Race Game
Thomas plate, cup, and silverware set
Thomas Count Your Cars Game
And there's so much more online!
So I guess if Caleb wants to continue with his Thomas love affair, he'd better make it a long one!


Jen Anderson said...

Matthew still likes Thomas but don't worry the "obsession" moves onto other things.... Cars, Caterpillar tractors, Curious George. Name it I feel like we've been through it. I will check my stash of too small stuff for any Thomas I can find. We always had a bunch!

Heather said...

Thomas will be in Austin in October this year. I bet he would love to ride with Thomas! They leave from cousin took her Thomas obsessed little boy and he was in heavan! Here is the link.

Heather said...

Oh, and we found a huge Thomas set at the consignment shop a few weeks ago. Patrick got it and went home and set it up...he was sooo excited. Patrick's Dad has a VERY LARGE train collection that we will inherit one day so I'm hoping Jackson likes trains too!

So I wonder if I can find Thomas PJ's in adult size!?

Sherri said...

My Carter loved, loved Thomas. We had the whole table set with all of the trains. It was fun!