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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The First Day of Lent

While I had this great idea of posting my thoughts and the church's thoughts on Ash Wednesday, Lent, and The Passion of Christ, I just don't have the time today that I'd like to have to get it all down here. As most of you know I am an admitted OCD list maker so this is gonna take some time. I want to research things to do with my kids and get those things organized as well. So I'll work on that and hopefully get it posted by Friday.

I thought that instead, I'd remind you Catholic readers to check out my 'meatless' recipes on my cooking blog. To my surprise, nothing showed up in my 'labels.' That's because last year I had my recipes on this blog and recently I had the GREAT idea of making a separate blog for my recipes. And rather than just post all the recipes on the same day, I set them up to post daily through June! So, there are a few meatless recipes on Aggieland Mommy Cooks and I promise that there are more that will post in a few weeks.

Or you might check out what I posted last year about Easter. I have some cool activities you can do with your kids like the Jelly Bean Prayer, Easter Story Cookies, or Resurection Eggs. And one last thing, last year I found a cool 'scene' of Jesus at the Tomb at Hobby Lobby. I know they had some more in a few weeks ago but they weren't with the Easter stuff at the time. They were with the garden stones. This scene is an awesome visual for the kids. You might want to go check them out.

Now I really must get back to work. I have a humongo list of things I am supposed to be doing!

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