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Thursday, February 5, 2009

UPDATED 12:37 pm--Adventures in Potty Training a Boy #1

All I've ever heard is how much harder it is to potty train a boy than a girl. I was lucky enough to have a girl first and she was SUPER easy. She was actually saying tee-tee at 16 months, I kid you not. But Lauren was early at everything. Early coming into this world, early walking, early talking. She amazed us.

Caleb has been one of the most stubborn little boys I have ever been around...and I've been around many small children in my life. So knowing how stubborn and resistant to change he is, I have followed the advice of a few wonderful friends who have said do not even try until THEY are ready. Caleb will be 3 on March 3. So yesterday I asked the question, "When exactly will I know if he is ready?" Caleb has gotten on the changing table a few times and told us he needed his pull-up changed. The other night he said, "Poopie" so I checked him and his pull-up was warm so I knew he had just gone potty. Yesterday morning he got on the changing table and asked to be changed. He didn't get an immediate response so he got down and handed my husband the wipe and clean pull up and insisted that he change it immediately. So I wondered if this was a sign.

Last night as I was getting the kids ready for bed, all was calm in the house for a brief moment. I figured why not try to put him on the potty chair? Now I had to bribe him with a little candy but he got on and within less than a minute he was going potty. I did what all moms do, I did the "tee-tee" dance. I jumped on Facebook and shared the news with all my friends who may or may not have cared...those who have potty trained care. I did the dance again, called Stephen at work and Caleb was so proud to tell his daddy that he did it. Yes he got that candy. We will give him 5 M&Ms for going potty and 10 if he actually goes #2.

This morning Caleb woke up and crawled into bed with Stephen as I was getting ready for work. I immediately checked his pull-up and it was DRY! Now, I don't know if it has been dry before, I never checked. So I sat him on the potty chair and listened. And listened. And listened. I asked him if he wanted a little bit of my water. I'll NEVER do that again. He poured the wated over himself into the potty chair. But we think he tee-teed so we celebrated again. I was a little late to work but still made it before school started.

At about 7:45 my cell phone rang, it was Stephen and I thought there was no reason for him to be calling, I just left the house. He said that Caleb grabbed himself so Stephen took him to the potty chair and guess what? He did it again! There were a few drops in his precious Thomas underwear but that was it, a few drops.

I know it is going to be hard for Stephen to keep up with Caleb not having an accident since he is also chasing around Abby (13 months) and meeting Lauren's demands.

It can't be this easy!
UPDATED 12:37 pm
Caleb wore a pull-up to Wal-Mart and when they got home, it was dry.
Later, Caleb was in his room and started crying. He had an accident and was disappointed in himself but this was a HUGE step because now Caleb knows what will happen if he doesn't get to the potty. He said he was sorry for going potty on Thomas.

When I was home for lunch, I was going to the bathroom and I heard him say, "tee-tee" so I hollered for Stephen to get Caleb to the potty chair. He sat for a long time. False alarm. I think he was acknowledging that I was going potty. I didn't get any candy though.

As I was driving back to work Stephen called to tell me that Caleb had an accident in the ktichen. Stephen rushed him to the bathroom and left him on the toilet, just in case he wasn't finished. He ran back to clean up the kitchen before Abby got in the mess. When Stephen got back to Caleb he found that Caleb did not tee-tee any more but went #2 instead !!!!! And he was so proud that he tried to pick it up and show Stephen.

Lately I've heard so many stories about kids that won't go #2 in the potty. I'm glad this won't be an issue for us.


Sherri said...

Good luck with the training. It sounds like it has started out well.
My daughter was easy to train, but because we moved when she was two and had two other babies before she ever turned 3, she had a couple of setbacks. My youngest son,Carter, practically trained himself. My first son, however, was a totally different story. He tee tee'd without too much difficulty, but was NOT going to be told that he had to poo poo in that toilet. He would hold it until I put his naptime diaper on and then poo poo as soon as I put it on him. Then, after I took the naptime diaper away, he just held it until he got constipated. At that point, the dr. fussed at me and I gave him his naptime/bedtime diaper back. Needless to say, it was hard. I cried many times sitting by the toilet begging him to go. "sigh" I hope it goes well for you. I know little boys can train easily...Carter was proof of that.

Sherri said...

That's an AMAZING step...and so close to the beginning of the training. I don't think you are going to have any problems with him. Way to go!!!!!!!

Heather said...

When we have training days that are in the summer months and I am worried about the team not drinking enough fluids, I have them set their timers on watches so it will remind them to drink.

Maybe when Stephen is home and dealing with both kids, setting a timer to remind him to take Caleb to the potty. This helped my friend who would get busy and forget to take her youngster when they were in the early stages of training.