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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Girls

No, this post is not about Lauren and Abby. It's about my other 'girls.' Ya know, "Flip" and "Flop." They are getting on my nerves here lately. They are pretty hard to shop for if ya know what I mean. And let me just say that I can tell you for a fact that God was NOT a woman because He never would have done this to us if He had been through what I've been through. Besides, God made us in HIS image, right? Uh, not me!

When I tried to buy those cuh-ute maternity shirts with a v-neck, they'd just flop on out. I can only buy my jammies at the Amish store because if the neckline isn't up to my ears, 'the girls' just pull my shirt down to my belly button. I found some precious jammies the other day and figured I'd try them on and if they didn't fit, I'd take them back. Oh they were so comfy! They looked good in the mirror so I took the tags off. Then I sat down with the kids, woops! I looked down and there was The Great Divide! Yup, my shirt had been pulled down so far I could see my dun-lop! Ya know, my belly dun lopped over. And what's up with tops having those LITTLE triangles where your 'girls' are supposed to go? I'm sorry, but if you are buying a size 12-14 like me, THEY aren't gonna fit into those tiny little triangle cups. Besides, when you are my size, get to be my age, and have nursed 3 children, the girls are so far apart, they rarely see each other. They act as if they are trying to disguise themselves as another set of arms. So back to jammie shopping for me. At the Amish store.

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Kathy's Korner said...


I hear you pain. Or I did. I had my flip and flop reduced this past November. Its major surgery, and recovery has taken some serious time, but I don't regret it at all!

I'd wanted to do this for years, and as it turned out, our deductible was met for the year and our insurance approved it! Now was the time!!

Clothes shopping is easier...but the best thing right now for me is that my back no longer aches all the time! I can mop the floor on hands and knees and still walk upright with no pain at the end of the day!

Consider it :)