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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

I don't know when it happened but Stephen and I have become news junkies. We had the TV on Fox News, The Weather Channel, and a special Houston Channel available only for hurricane information all day Friday and late into the night. We wanted to see when Ike arrived, what he was doing to the coast, and we were also wondering how bad it might get here.

Saturday morning at around 4, Abby woke up as she usually does. I tried the usual to get her back to sleep but finally convinced myself that if I put off giving her a snack for too long, she'd be up at 6:30 and then I wouldn't get her back to sleep. By 4, the storm had arrived in Aggieland. I could hear the wind and rain beating against our windows. Once in awhile there were louder tapping sounds like twigs or pebbles being thrown against the windows but overall it wasn't too bad. I got Abby back to sleep within 15 minutes and finally managed to drift off to sleep myself.

At about 5 I heard the strangest sound. There was a lot of clanking going on in the girls' room. I knew it couldn't be Abby, I couldn't hear a peep out of her. So I jumped out of bed and as I rounded the corner, I noticed the girls' light was on. As I walked in, I didn't know how to react. Abby was sound asleep in her crib and Lauren, oh Lauren. She was fully dressed in her Tinkerbell costume and had in her hands her plastic tea set tray along with all 4 saucers, 4 teacups, creamer, and sugar, all neatly arranged on top. 5:00 am! "I can't sleep Mommy." I did the only thing I knew to do, I told her that when I can't sleep I talk to Jesus.

So did I get my "to-do" list completed? Here's an update:
keep emptying the ice bucket into bags and putting them in the deep freezer did it once
de-clutter our room- done
vacuum and mop floors- done
3 loads of laundry- how about 2?
clean bathrooms-umm, no. Just the floors.
get Stephen to hang the rest of the wall things (there's a lot).....not a one
get Stephen to fasten the rest of the knobs on the cabinets...negative
get Stephen to hang a shelf in the utility room...he said the shelf needs to be cut
get Stephen to clean the air filter vent...done. By me.

Extra: dishes, played with the kids, read books to them, dressed (as they say in parts of the north) beds, added recipe to Aggieland Mommy Cooks, and planned the menu for the next month. I didn't even take a nap!

Todays' List:
wash 5 sets of sheets and comforters, let them soak in Downey, AND put them back on the me out just thinking about it
pick up toys
buy a gift for a party since we couldn't get out Friday and the stores were closed yesterday
pick up toys
go to the party at noon
pick up toys
try again to get Stephen to hang things and finishing putting the knobs on the kitchen cabinets
pick up toys
clean the bathrooms

I've already started a load of towels, stripped all the sheets and comforters from the beds, including Abby's. I'm thinking about letting the kids share one big bed when they're'll cut down on sheets ya know. Maybe I'll even re-think the whole family bed idea. One set of sheets, how nice! Speaking of sheets, how often do you wash sheets? What about pillows? I think my mom did it every-other weekend but I remember my BBF Hyla's mom (5 kids) washing sheets EVERY SATURDAY. We would barely wake up and her mom would come in and remind us to strip the sheets. Plus, the utility room was downstairs! But Irene sure kept a clean house, still does to this day.


Queen of my castle said...

I am giving up on scrapbooking! I will do the blog and upload my digital pages. I can do that without any children getting in the middle of my stuff! =)

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Oh the joys of having small children, right?

When will the day come where they don't WANT to get out of bed, that's what I want to know! Is that the teen years? WHEN???

I wash sheets once per week at least. If Lexi wets the bed, obviously they get washed again. But I try to wash them on Sat or Sun. I washed my comforter this past week, but comforters only get washed about every 2-3 months at my house. I'm so OCD that if Lexi's sheets got changed on Friday due to urine, they get washed again on Saturday becuase it bugs me that Ashton's sheets would be fresh and hers wouldn't be. I know. I'm ill. But yes, I agree, changing sheets is exhausting. But there's nothing like the feeling of clean sheets. And when you finally get rid of the baby bed, it gets easier. I promise. My girls are in two twin beds that are away from the wall. So it's not so bad any more. Cribs and beds against the wall and bunk beds....UGH! Hate it!