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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pictures from Ike

As you know, Ike affected millions of Texans and Louisiana residents. I listen to KSBJ out of Houston when I am in my car and while I am at work. Between songs there are people calling in to tell listeners where to get ice, food, water, gas, generators, etc... Here at work we have a folder in our email where we can sell/buy from others, like an online flea market. People are requesting generators for loved ones. We can not begin to imagine what those victims are going through. They are now on day 5 without power.

I know that Aggieland still struggles to keep gas at our gas stations. I pass 5 on the way home from work and each day there are always one or two that have pumps covered because they are empty. And at the stations with gas, cars are lined up with 5-10 gas cans lined up to be filled so I know many victims are driving up here just to restock. It is going to be weeks, maybe even months before their lives are back to normal.

Go to this site for new, amazing pictures of the devastation.

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Queen of my castle said...

OMG! Those pictures are awful! Poor people!