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Monday, September 8, 2008

They're Taking Over

Forget what I said in my last post about motherhood being so rewarding. The kids have begun to conspire against us. Last night I was going back and forth putting clean clothes away and trusted that Stephen was keeping an eye on the kids in the playroom. When I walked out of our bedroom and into the playroom I noticed that Abby was gone. So as I noticed her little feet sliding into the bathroom, I tried to place guilt on Stephen. "Stephen, where is Abby?" I believe he jumped up and muttered that she was there just a minute ago. I suppose it was a little cruel of me but hey, gotta keep him on his toes. Abby is getting pretty fast and he can't trust that she'll stay in one place anymore.

Then I was in the girls' room for quite some time, sorting through clothes that didn't fit the girls anymore and feeling like I hit the jackpot with more hangers. When I went back through the playroom, Lauren was gone. Now, we had the baby gate at the top of the stairs locked so she only could have been in her room (I was just there), Caleb's room (it was dark), the bathroom (not in there either), the playroom, or MY ROOM! That's when I noticed the bathroom light on and Stephen was still in his chair at his desk in the playroom/office. And what do little girls like to do in their Mommy's bathroom? Put on Mommy's make-up of course. She knew just where my brushes were and managed to put on eye-shadow AND blush, quite well I must admit. She had carried her stool in from her bathroom (getting by Stephen) and placed it just right so she could turn the light on.

By the time I started the discipline, Caleb had joined us. Remember how proud I was that he has started talking?? I knelt down to Lauren's level and sternly said, "Lauren. " She wrapped her arms around me and said, "I am SO sorry Mommy, I love you so much." I had to stop laughing and I tried again, "Lauren, look at me."

Then Caleb started in. He pointed to my eye- no, he put his finger in my eye, and said so clearly, "Eye!"
"Yes Caleb, that's my eye. Lauren! You should not play with Mommy's make-up..."
Caleb again, "Eye. Nose."
"Yes Caleb, that's my other eye and my nose."

By then, the moment was gone. All the discipline was out the window and it was so hard not to laugh.

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Julia said...

Oh I love this. The best days of our lives, aren't they! :)