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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day of Prayer

As we all reflect on what we were doing at the time of the plane crashes on 9/11, and how much that day changed our country, let us continue to pray for our nation, our leaders, our soldiers, all those who bravely serve our country for the freedoms we hold so dear. I will never forget that I was preparing to teach my 2nd graders in Arlington that day and a teammate came to my room to tell me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I am so ashamed to say I did not know what the WTC was but it sounded pretty bad. I turned on my little 11" black and white in my room and watched in horror as the 2nd plane crashed. None of us were prepared for the turn of events that would take place that day. So many lives lost. So many Americans pulling together to either take-over the 3rd airplane, rent cars and ride with strangers because the airports were shut down, pulling together for so many things but most importantly to love and pray. As we shall today and every 9/11.

Let us also remember the upcoming victims of Hurricane Ike. So many people are being uprooted. As I listed to Houston's Christian radio station on my way to work, I hear single mothers calling in asking for prayers as they have to pack up their children and flee. College Station is a shelter, a refuge. I know that Texas A&M has sent buses to the coast to help evacuate. I know that Reed Arena is ready for the physically disabled. Doctors have been on hand from across the country for a few days. I just received an email from my church asking for help. They have been receiving evacuees from nursing homes. The last patient was physically lifted in at 6 am today. I know that Fr. Michael was up all night as I am sure were others. Our superintendent has notified us that he may need to use schools to house many others. He has asked for volunteers. So if you know that your town is helping with evacuees, call your local church and ask how you can help. Maybe you have children of your own who need you but you can help by dropping off cleansing supplies or personal hygiene items. Our church has asked specifically for hand sanitizer, Lysol and Lysol wipes, who would have thought about those simple needs? And if you can not get out and help, then just pray for those who can. And let us pray together that ALL in the path will heed warning and evacuate, and that this storm will not be as intense as they are predicting.

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Renee said...

Thanks for stopping by. Keeping everyone in prayer.