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Friday, September 5, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast

I know is sounds so cliche but it's really true. Lauren started her ballet/tap combo class Tuesday night. We found a wonderful dance studio who dances for The Lord. At the end of class they pray with the little tots. They should pray before in my opinion, ya know what I mean? So for a week before class Stephen and I were preparing Lauren, telling her she had to be a good listener and do what her teacher was doing. We explained that she should not be talking to her friends. Since I am a teacher, it is important to have a model student ya know. And she was.
Was NOT! That stinker was dancin' to the beat of a different drummer. She got in there and started bouncing up and down like she did during the olympics. Then when Miss Jessica had all the girls sitting in a circle for prayer, my Lauren was lying on her tummy! Oh the horror! But I should say that there might have been one little girl who did exactly as the teacher said. I guess it's their age. We'll keep working on it. Below is a picture of the girls warming up. I guess Lauren was paying attention after all.

Caleb is finally starting to talk. He is 2 1/2 and has chosen not to talk until now. He has been able to say "Abby" and "Baby" for awhile but he really has chosen not to speak. Lauren was talking at 14 months so we were really getting frustrated with this boy but look at that adorable face! He mostly repeats what we say but the other day when I got home for lunch, he shouted out, "Mommy!" It was just precious. His new favorite thing to do is say, "Ni-ni," hang his head and pretend to snore. It's cute no matter how old he is. Yesterday he asked for juice with his words and signing. He'll be talking in no time and I'll be wondering why I ever rushed him!

Look at my Abby. She is army crawling and boy she is fast. This picture is in our living room and around that corner on the tile is a bathroom. Yesterday Stephen went into the kitchen for a second and when he returned, Abby was gone. She had found the bathroom and was playing with the mat. Thank goodness I cleaned the floor!

What a face! And her hair is so, so long. It's a few inches off her shoulders in the back. Abby is saying "ma ma", "da da", and of course, "ba ba ba."

Motherhood is so rewarding!

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Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Oh my goodness! Abby looks like such a big girl already!

If it makes you feel any better, Lexi was like that the first time she took ballet. She was the WORST behaved child in that class, which is not like her. She's really pretty obedient at home. She was always doing her own thing and even got "kicked out" of class a few times. And the class was at our church, where daddy is the CHILDREN'S PASTOR, imagine my horror! But the 2nd time she took it, she seemed to have matured a lot and did much better. We're about to start gymnastics...FUN!