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Friday, September 26, 2008

Everything is bigger in Texas

Surely you've heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas. Well I am here to tell you it's true.
For example, Houston, Texas has one of the highest obesity rates. See, bigger!
Our chicken fried steak? Hangs off the plates.
Our football stadiums? The biggest!
Cowboy hats? They don't call 'em 10 gallon for nothin'!
Hurricane Ike? As big as Texas. See?

Last night I had an encounter with the biggest mosquito in Aggieland. He made himself known at the dinner table. I managed to chase him away into the living room so I could give myself time to come up with a strategy for his demise. After cleaning up from dinner, I was ready to take him down. He found the perfect place to attack...from the ceiling. I knew I could outsmart him. I moved Abby who was sitting in her bouncy chair. I grabbed my magazine, stepped up on the couch, and launched it at him. It worked too. There was a little spot on the ceiling to let me know my mission had been accomplished. I looked for his remains on the magazine...not there. I searched the carpet...not there either. I could not figure out where he might have gone. I took the kids upstairs for jammies and decided to return later with the vacuum cleaner.
Stephen came home from work and I told him about our eventful night. I told him about the monstrous mosquito and how it was bigger than the size of a nickel. He went back downstairs and searched the carpet. Upon his return he told me he saw a mosquito that fit my description on the ceiling of the playroom. IT WAS THE SAME ONE! He survived the attack! Stephen got his ammo (the Swiffer). Ready, aim, fire! And this time, the mission was accomplised. Look at the size of the booger!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

That mosquito must be eating more than blood. Maybe he's been eatin the chicken fried steak!

I think the obesity rate is so high because Texas has the BEST food in the WORLD!!!!! Trust me. This is from a girl who plans her trips to Texas around THE FOOD!

Sherri said...

That's the way the mosquitos looked at the safari park we went to. There were so many of them, and they were all big like that. It almost took the fun out of the trip. I feel so bad for those animals having to endure them every day!!!!!
I'm glad you survived..haha!!!

Renee said...

That is one big mosquito!