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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ugh! A bug!

Not of the insect type either. I mentioned that Caleb threw up as we were driving home on Sunday. Well, it hit me at about 7:00 on Tuesday and it hit Stephen 3 hours later. At 3 am we heard Abby throwing up and within a few minutes Lauren was climbing out of bed telling us she was going to throw up too. There's nothing worse than your baby throwing up. Stephen stripped the sheets of Abby's crib, then she threw up on me, the boppy, and our bed. Caleb slept through all the commotion.

We all went downstairs and Stephen couldn't get up from the floor. I knew we needed help. Soon we would be too weak to even pick up Abby. I had to call his parents at 4 am and ask them to drive 3 hours to come help us. Stephen and I were in and out of sleep most of yesterday and luckily, Abby slept a lot too. We were weak and sore up until about bedtime last night. I think we are all just about better now. I get weak if I'm on my feet too long but other than that I feel fine. My neighbor is our pediatrician's nurse and I went to ask her for advice on when it would be safe to nurse Abby again. She said there is a bug going around with all the kids being back in school. For all my Aggieland readers, I hope your family is not exposed to this evil, evil bug.


Queen of my castle said...

Poor babies!!! I am glad you guys are feeling better.

SimmonsFamily said...

Oh, Stephanie, Josh and I had a similar thing happen to us three years ago. We got it from Caleb and we both got sick within 5 minutes of each other. Luckily Kyle (6 weeks at the time) never got it. I remember we had friends trying to give him a bottle and I was just praying that he would take it. I hope you guys are all better, I am so so sorry!!!

Julia said...

Stephanie, I am so sorry!!!! Gosh I wish you would have called us! This is dreadful :( I have always been the most worried about stomach bugs. This happened to my parents once when they were first married and they had to call in a nurse to help out for a few days it was so bad. I'm so sorry! Have you been able to resume nursing? Gosh, I'm sick right now but I dare not complain about it now that I've read this. Please tell us if we can drop anything off for you or run any errands. I've got the high fever bug the kids had all last week but I'm your girl if you need anything. Are Steven's parents still in town? Man I should have just called you instead of writing a novel on your blog. Praying for you guys for a quick return to good health!!!!!!!

Blair said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! I'm so sorry you were all sick; stomach viruses are no fun especially when the whole family gets it!

I've always heard that breastmilk is still best for babies even when they have tummy bugs. But regardless, I hope your little one is doing much better now!!!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Eeeewwwww! Yuckaroo! Hopefully y'all are on the road to recovery now. I don't know how we've escaped "bugs" but my family has never shared a family "bug". I've had one, but no one else got it. and Cary had one a while back, but no one got it. It's truly a miracle and now I should go knock on wood!