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Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a sad day for me

Today is my last day at home with my family. Teachers report back to work tomorrow and it saddens me to think of all that I will be missing each day. For example:

I'll miss Caleb climbing into bed with Abby and me every morning for some snuggle time
I'll miss watching Caleb awaken Lauren every morning with a kiss
I'll miss interacting with them and watching them create things with paper, markers, rubber stamps, stickers, etc...
I'll miss watching Lauren and Caleb nurture their baby sister....starting her musical toys over when she begins to cry
I'll miss their smiles and laughter...their hugs and kisses
I'll miss watching Lauren and Caleb play together like best friends
I'll miss jumping in the van with the whole family to go run errands
I'll miss playdates with my friends and their kids
I'll probably miss Abby crawling for the first time
and so much more

and in all my sadness I have to remember that we are still truly blessed because I have a job that is NOT 8-5 and most days I can come home for lunch. I have a job where I am home for the holidays and 86 days in the summer. I am blessed to be a teacher that doesn't have to bring papers home to grade or work on lesson plans, I leave work at work and can be home by 3:40.

We are blessed because my husband can be home with them Daddy-time...teaching them about The Lord, family, letters and sounds, numbers and counting, building, etc... I have to remember that most daddys would not be up for the task of being home with 3 small children after getting less than 5 hours of sleep AND trying to run a business from home.

But I will still miss them all so terribly!


Cameshia said...

You are blessed. People always say be greatful which I know you are but it is still hard. It's great to be at home enjoying what you and your husband have created...your family, your home, your life. Take care.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I know it's hard! Every stage is hard to let go of too. My baby starts kindergarten on Monday! I feel like I'm mourning the passing of her toddler years. It flies by!!

SimmonsFamily said...


I was thinking about you JUST today and how you went back. Many prayers! Your kids are SO very blessed to have a mom who loves those moments just as much as they do.

Stephanie said...

Thanks you guys for the encouragement and understanding.

Renee said...

I remember when my kids were younger and having to go back to work. Not an easy thing to do. Hope things are going smoothly.

Julia said...

I'm praying for you all as you start back at work! I am so glad you got to enjoy another wonderful summer together, and that we got to play together!!!