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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tinker Bell Birthday Party

For my little Tinker Bell's 4th birthday invitations, we pasted this picture inside and sprinkled a little Pixie Dust. We made the information rhyme and it started with words from the movie.

As guests arrived, there was a banner that read, "Welcome to Neverland." There was a bubble machine blowing and Tinkerbell music playing at the entrance. Also Peter Pan's shadow was on the door.

Jessica dressed up as Tink too! It was great for the Tink make-overs. As guests entered, they went into Tink's garden.

Lauren gets her Pixie Dust (glitter in aloe vera).

The girls had jewels added to their nails and they got to make their own wands.

Corey helped the boys become pirates with skull necklaces, tattoos, an eye patch, and a pirate hat that Corey quickly assembled before the party.

Look what Aunt Patty and Adrienne did to my baby!!

Playing Pass the Pixie Dust (a vial of gold glitter). This is like hot potato, when the music stopped, the person holding the Pixie Dust was out.

Creating Station: we had Tink crayons, markers, rubber stamps, scissors, and more...all found at dollar stores.
Beware of Pirates!

As the guests entered the Pirate Cove, we had one of the pirate songs playing from the movie.

Fishing in the Mermaid Lagoon. Never smile at a crocodile!
Look at the sky, you would never know that is was about to POUR!

Pin the star on Tinker Bell's wand.

Tinker Bell Bingo. Just as we got settled inside, Stephen told me that dark clouds were rolling in and it was thundering!

Let them eat cake!

The Pirate Cove. This is where the kids got their goodie bags and loaded them with loot (beads, coins, pixie sticks, tattoos, ring pops, and pirate duckies for all. Compasses and telescopes for the boys, and Tink pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners for the girls). Most of the props and goodies were purchased at one of the local dollar stores.

As the guests left, we had CDs with the Peter Pan soundtrack and Stephen printed Lauren's picture in her Tink costume on the front.

A very special thanks to Corey for helping the boys become pirates, Jessica for dressing up as Tink and making Lauren feel extra special on her birthday, Lynda and Jessica for the pictures, and Jeff for giving us a copy of the pictures!


Julia said...

What a little girl's dream! Such a creative party!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINK! !!!!!!!!! :)

Delilah H. said...

What a great party! You're little girl must have loved it!

Renee said...

What a wonderful party! I bet she loved this.

Anonymous said...

Great "Tinker bell' Party my name is Delanya I was also born and raised in Fort Worth TX- Now I'm in California trying to plan a tink party for my 4 year old- you go Aggieland mommy!!I graduated from TCU in 1998 now I'm going back to the junior college to get my early edu credentials I love working with the kids- Have you ever been to The Smoke Pit BBQ in fort worth that was my families restaurant but I sold it to have a wonderful family- thanks for sharing your website it is great good job and god bless-

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the comments. I wish I knew how to get in touch with you. Good luck in school and I hope your daughter has a wonderful Tink party! BTW, where was The Smoke Pit? It sounds familiar. I am even picturing a sign in my head. I wonder if our paths ever crossed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful ideas, Aggieland Mommy. My daughter's turning 5 in a few weeks and is a Tinkerbell nut. We'll definitely be using some of these party activities.

Tricia said...

Do you still have your tinkerbell bingo? I'm having a party for my daughter tomorrow & would LOVE your bingo to print out.
I stumble across your blog via google. The party is for my 5 year old daughter, my third daughter of 4 girls 7 we have one son from Columbus OH. Please email me asap if you want to share your beautiful bingo
Tricia K.

Anonymous said...

ok, cool... i just made lots of different emo backgrounds to my blog