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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There's a new First Lady in town!

Welcome Miss Reveille Ma'am!

The Aggies have picked a beautiful Collie to be Reveille VIII, just in time for our first football game in a few weeks. As a matter of fact, we were driving by Kyle Field last night and Lauren asked if that's the home of the Aggies. Yes baby girl! That's where the football team plays and Mommy is going to take you there to watch them one day.
As stated on the official website: "The first Reveille was a mongrel that, according to campus lore, was picked up by some cadets alongside Highway 6, which runs through College Station. The precise date of her arrival on campus is believed to have been 1931, and it is well documented that she died on Jan. 18, 1944, and received a formal military funeral on the 50-yardline of Kyle Field. Her name was reportedly prompted by her habit of howling when the corps bugler played reveille to wake the cadets each morning."
Rev gets to attend classes with her handler and if she barks in class, class is dismissed. To read more about our special First Lady, read here.

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tales_from_the_crib said...

rev vii didn't lastish very longs, did she?
my mom's fish camp counselor was the mascot corporal in 2000. which was coolish because when they had ice cream and meetings around town reveille gots to go with them.