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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coming Soon!--edited

We just got back in town from Lauren's Tinkerbell Party and I'm currently editing the 150 pictures my niece and sister-in-law took. I can't wait to share all the birthday fun with you.

Let me just say the "fun" didn't stop there, today as we were driving home and approaching the University Drive exit (about 20 minutes from home), Lauren quickly got our attention by saying, "Oh no, Mommy...Caleb!" He was covered in his lunch and it just kept coming up. Stephen just pulled over right where we were and I immediately began praying for our safety because tomorrow is the first day of classes and MANY cars were exiting at University Drive. As I got back to Caleb, Lauren said, "I don't want to see that!" Well honey, none of us do. I got Caleb out and stripped him down as Stephen got the carseat out and took it apart. Caleb got to ride home in his diaper and Lauren sat in the actual van seat, not something I felt comfortable doing but what do you do? What would we have done if we were further away?

Poor Caleb can't hold anything down right now. We were letting him have the 2 tablespoons of water every 15 minutes and we put him to bed with every intention of Stephen going to sleep with him...then we heard him moan and I went in to find him covered, hair and all, in that 'water.' So Caleb got 2 baths tonight and Stephen is sleeping with him right now. I'm off to bed as tomorrow is the first day of school. Good night!

Edited: Would you believe this is the first time Caleb has ever been sick?


Cameshia said...

The cake looks great! I did a Tinkerbell cake for a friend. Check it out and let me know what you think. I still have lots of practicing to do! Take care, Cameshia

SimmonsFamily said...

Oh, poor Caleb! Our Caleb has a knack for picking up nasty stomach bugs- at least twice a year. Yuck!