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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are you able to help?

Remember the boy I told you about who has just finished his last cancer treatment? Maybe you thought to yourself that you wish there was something you could do. There is! Please read the letter below that was sent by a friend of the Gomez family:

Imagine being told that your 6 year old has a brain tumor. Imagine the questions that would come, and the flood of emotions. Imagine spending 9 months of your life separated from normalcy. Imagine living out of town away from your family so that you could be by your child’s side as they endure CAT scans, surgery, ECHO’s, EKG’s, transfusions, CHEMO, sedations and more. What parent doesn’t hold their breath when they have a child undergoing sedation? It seems so simple, yet so threatening.

And then to survive it all, and see a new life in front of you! Imagine the appreciation for life you would have, and the new found joy.

But, how? How do we enjoy this new perspective on life and move forward? Imagine the medical bills. $40000 for one of four chemo treatments. How much more for countless injections, stem cell harvesting, lumbar punctures. And all this on top of mom stopping her day care business so she could be with her boy, and dad losing time at work from his own surgeries.

The Gomez family is blessed in so many ways. I’m sure they don’t feel this financial strain will slow their beautiful family from embracing life for what it is. They have already mentioned multiple times how great this community has been. We can still do more.

There was a fundraiser organized in the fall that paid for most of the bills that arrived through to the first of the year. But now the rest are coming in. They have insurance, but it, of course, does not cover everything, nor does it cover full portions of the bills. So now it’s time for another fundraiser.

We are organizing sales of Home Interior Candles. Please contact me if you are interested in helping. Elias will get 50% of all sales. That’s exceptional for a fundraiser like this. My daughter had to sale these candles for dance once, and it paid for a full year of classes, recital fees, and costumes. These candles really do sell themselves. That and the profit return is why I chose them. Sales have already started, and orders are due back on the 14th of July, so please get back with me quickly.

Dana Hudson, 979.690.2432,

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