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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who did it?

I want to know who snuck into my house and dressed this bed! It surely wasn't me, dressing beds has been the last thing on my list. By the way, I was raised to say, "dressing the bed." I am not sure why. Any of my aunts, uncles, or cousins, have a clue why we say that? I don't know if it was because my grandfather was in the Navy but when I was old enough to wonder why others said, "making the bed" the philosophical voice in my head said that the bed is already made. It was made at the mattress factory. So it just stuck. Anyway, I was picking up all the misc things that drift downstairs and this is what I saw when I went into Caleb's room. I knew it couldn't be Caleb. I knew it WOULDN'T be my know what I'm talking about! So to give him the benefit of the doubt, I asked Stephen if just maybe he did it. Then I went into Lauren's room to find out what she was up to cuz we Moms all know that when they are quiet, their up to sumpin'.
I could not believe my eyes! Lauren was dressing her bed. I asked her if she dressed Caleb's bed and she said yes, so he could get a check on his chore chart. The chore chart is something I meant to start the day we moved into this house but...well.... lots of things were supposed to get done on the day we moved in and they will get day. So the chore chart is very simple. It has 5 pictures down the left side and they say the jobs: get dressed, dress your bed, brush your teeth, put on your jammies, pick up toys. They get a check when a chore is completed and 5 checks = a star. A star for each day will get them a reward. We're not sure what the reward will be but we want to be careful not to place emphasis on food. So far we've thought about playing games at Chuck E Cheese (cuz who can afford to eat there?), an ice cream cone, a small toy, maybe a trip to the dollar store. The first night we managed to get everything done with time to spare for several stories and group prayers.

This is the end result, notice the 'friends' in the corner who had to be under the covers?
This chore chart thing has been so wonderful. Lauren is dressing her bed right now (5:30 pm)because she took a nap in it.


Queen of my castle said...

how do you get the words then pictures then words????

lauren is such a big girl!!! i want to see a picture of the chore chart!

Deirdre said...

What a big girl helper she is!

Cameshia said...

How exciting. You should be so proud.