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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

1. So I was wondering, why do we call it "dusting" if we are trying to get rid of dust?
2. I want to welcome Mandy to the blogworld. Please stop by and give her a warm bloggity welcome.
3. I've decided that I really don't like books, Play-Doh, crayons, or markers. Oh...I heard an AMEN out there. Don't get me wrong, I am a teacher and a big advocate of creativity and all but I just don't know how many more days I can go on picking up about 30 books that the 2 year old pulled off the shelves. I don't know how many more times I can stand over the same 2 year old and "motivate" him to pick up all the markers and crayons that just "rolled" off the table, not to mention all the paper he peeled off the crayons.
4. I'm learning that I'm not that great of a cook after all. Last week when I made the blue pancakes, the first one was not a pancake at all. No, it came out more like a French crepe. Why? I only added 1 cup of water and the recipe says 2. Luckily I figured it out before pouring the 2nd pancake. Bon Apetit! Then I made Bacon Quiche and Millionaire Pie (recipes below). The quiche was flawless but I made the entire Millionaire Pie and forgot to cook the crust first! That sure was a good pie. We ate it. Raw crust and all. Then I made Paula Deen's Potato Salad. I pre-chopped everything and put them in the fridge while the potatoes were boiling. When I assembled the salad, I forgot to add the eggs. So when does the Momnesia go away?
5. Think TINK! We are planning Lauren's 4th birthday party and it's consuming my every thought. When we took her to buy her party supplies last month, we just knew she was going to pick princesses because she eats, sleeps, and lives princesses each and every day. We were quite surprised when she chose Tinkerbell. We even tried to talk her out of it because we were ready to plan the perfect princess and prince birthday party. We'll be incorporating Captain Hook for the boys and there will be games and activities for all.


Queen of my castle said...

Thanks for the welcome! I meant to ask you...where did you go to get the pictures made?

Momnesia will never go away! I still have it every once in a while.

tales_from_the_crib said...

hmm...because dedustifying is too longs? a thought maybed.