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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Coolest Place for kids AND my embarrassing moment

Do you have a place like "The Bounce" near you? This place is a big warehouse with tons of bouncy houses where the kids can just wear themselves out. I could not believe the price. It is only $5 each for kids Lauren and Caleb's age, plus, we had a 50% off coupon. Oh yeah, on Wednesdays they have a toddlers only play so the little kids have a chance to play even more safely than places like Chuck E Cheese or the mall's play area. Our friends, Julia and Dominic, met us up there. I got to meet another mom from our Mom's group too.

Just a fun bouncy house with neat activities and tunnels for the kids.
That's Caleb at the top of the slide. He was a sneak when it came to waiting in line, I caught him weaving in and out of the people in front of him. Luckily, he was the smallest one so no one seemd to mind.

Tweety's cage.

This is a huge mushroom filled with plastic balls.

Come on boys, I've found the treasure!

Headin' for the pirate themed bouncy you can see, Dominic had a big drink from the water fountain just before this picture.

I finally got Dominic to pose for a picture.

This is all Abby got to do.
So, have you ever not recognized someone that you SHOULD have recognized?
As we were helping the kids put their shoes on to go home, a very tall, attractive woman walked right up to Stephen and me. I thought it was a little odd that she stood so close to us. Then she said, "So, is this a Mommy and Daddy's day out with the kids?" So I answered, "Yes, he likes to be involved as much as he can." I'm so glad that I didn't add what I was thinking, "He works at 3 am and is able to be home during the day with all of us," because Stephen finally recognized that this lady was his co-worker. Ahhh! I was completely embarrassed about not recognizing her because this is the morning anchor on the local morning news. I totally apologized and told her that her hair looks so much darker and she made me feel a little better when she reminded me that there are a lot of lights shining on her when she is on the air. Whew!

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Julia said...

We had SO much fun and thank you for treatin' us!!!! :) Dominic adores the kiddos and we can't wait to hang out before you go back to school again!