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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today! I'm almost caught up!

Today was a special day for a special little boy. Elias is a boy at our church who just finished his last treatment for brain cancer! You would not believe all that he has endured in his short life. You can read his story here. His family reamined faithful to God and today gave thanks for his healing. When I found out about the party, I offered to make a cake. I had no idea that there would be at least 125 people there. Elias loves super heroes and has even created Super Elias. He asked me to make the cake in these colors. I would have loved to post a picture of Elias with the cake but he was just too busy to catch. You can drop his mom a line on her blog. Julia and I were sporting our Moby Wraps. Look at Abby checking out her new little boyfriend, Milo! He is beautiful.

Kids just love to get their face painted.

Lauren guessed how many gumballs there were and she won! Lucky for us the prize was not the gumballs, it was a big tub of sidewalk chalk.

And now I am ALMOST caught up with blogging. I had a little time just now because Stephen is gone to a wedding. Now I'd better get back to my Mommy duties.


Deirdre said...

Your cake looks awesome! That is wonderful that he has beat his cancer!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Great job on the cake! TOO CUTE!

Julia said...

This was such a special day, wasn't it? Our pic is awesome :) The cake was BEAUTIFUL! Do you think you might be interested/able to do Dominic's?

Queen of my castle said...

I am finally official!!!