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Monday, June 23, 2008

Call Off the Search Party!

I'm okay, really, I've just been buried in boxes that need to be unpacked. I want to know where all these boxes came from, they couldn't all be ours! We have been unpacking for a month now and we still have a garage full of boxes. Well, okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit, most of the boxes in the garage are full of holiday decorations that we would normally have in the attic, except for one minor detail, there is no attic in this house! So we are going to build a shed in the back...after we get approval from the homeowners' association.

Besides unpacking, we've had to leave town twice in the last 10 days. Neither trip was a vacation either. The first trip was for my grandmother's funeral, and this passed weekend we went back up to Fort Worth to bury my mom's ashes. We got to spend time with our wonderful friends, Mandy and Shane, and our kids had a fabulous time too.

So I think I have the solution to getting any house in order in a hurry-ask friends to come over for dinner. It's our turn to host our supper club and it's happening tomorrow night. Since we were out of town all weekend, that left today and tomorrow to get this house in presentable condition. Oh how I wish I took some "before" pictures. So far today Stephen and I have cleaned the kitchen..that includes putting away all those little odds and ends that end up on the counter and all those crayons that have rolled off the table and into those little hiding places, you know what I'm talking about. There was a storage tub with lots of junk on top that we finally cleared out. Stephen is going to finish putting the hardware on the drawers and cabinets. We've cleared off the dining room table which was the hotspot for all the things we didn't know what to do with. We (Stephen) put out the fancy tablecloth, placemats, napkins, etc...which reminds me, I need to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get some napkin rings. Stephen hung all the new pictures we bought at Garden Ridge on Saturday. There are lots and lots of pictures.

Oh yes, I am so mad at myself. I left our Waterford wedding toasting glasses up on the counter and had a box next to them. Lauren walked by and pushed the box and one of the glasses took a dive onto the floor and shattered. It was heartbreaking. They were a wedding gift from my great aunt and uncle and they are very special to me.

We still have so much left to do. We have to clear out the living room and when I can find the new carpet under all the 'stuff', I'll vacuum. That will be it for downstairs. Now upstairs we still have to hang pictures, clear off dressers, reorganize closets, unpack and set up the Master bathroom, oh what a mess. The playroom isn't staying neat like I thought it would. Those little ABC and 123 rubber mats that snap together and protect the carpet from those sippie cup drops, yeah, they scoot. Does that annoy anyone else?

Makes ya want to move, doesn't it? And that's just inside. We have to order and lay 5 pallets of sod and then get my garden started.

Maybe, just maybe it will all be finished by tomorrow night and I can have the rest of the summer to relax and enjoy it. I will definitely take pictures of the finished product and post them by the end of the week.

Oh yes, if any of you have sent me an email in the last 10 days, I haven't read it yet. Besides being too busy to get on the internet, Stephen has been working on his weddings, talent shows, graduations, etc... and I haven't had the heart to ask him to let me check my email. I need my own computer.


Anonymous said...

Did you get it all done? RELAX!!!!
Love ya,

Deirdre said...

Whoa, I am tired from reading your list! I hope you are able to enjoy your summer.