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Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 22 Another trip to Fort Worth

We went up to Fort Worth to bury my mom's ashes. Many have asked why we waited so long but considering that she passed away April 10, we have been so busy with the move, Stephen's business, and such, that this was the first time we could get away.
Mom's lifetime friend, Malia, finally gets to hold Abby.

Uncle Paul always brings out the best in Caleb.

Ryan is always a great helper. After he helped Lauren make a plate, he sat down with her and gave her his complete attention.

Aunt Joanie and me

Caleb helped himself to a big, HUGE...piece of bread! That's my boy.

Now that my mom is gone, it is even more important to me to get pictures of the kids with their grandparents. Here is my dad with 4 of his grandkids, we couldn't find Colton.

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SimmonsFamily said...

Are you and your Aunt Joanie twins? Wow... amazing resemblance!! It was great to see you guys today. You continue to be in our prayers.