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Friday, December 19, 2008

Woo Hoo

I am going shopping tonight and armed with great information from you all about where to get the best jeans and for the best prices. I am not sure if I'll have time to go to every store with 3 small kids who will at some point insist on eating but I will hit Lane Bryant (yes Heather, my snowman shape is admittedly a voluptuous plus size), The Gap, Old Navy, Steinmart (suggested by my roommate after 2 co-workers told her that her butt looked good in her jeans- who doesn't like being told that?).

Speaking of jeans, I never mentioned my experience trying to return jeans to Motherhood about a month ago. I went in on a Sunday and the lady helped me find the right size and length. I wanted panel jeans, I love those, but I was quickly told that they don't make those anymore and the lady gave me the newest rave in jeans-whatever! They have that panel material all the way around and I could stretch it all the way up like a tube top. Isn't that a pretty picture? Would've saved money on the nursing bra I bought...can't wear a bra with a tube top. So I tried them on, bought them, and when I put them on a few days later, they would not stay up. I mean I was a cool, hot, saggin' mama. How on earth do those kids wear their pants like that?

I took them back within the 10 days that is not only stated on the receipt, but you have to initial that you understand their return policy. I told the same lady who sold me the jeans that they won't stay up. First she said maybe I got the wrong size and she asked what size I normally wear. Because I LOVE telling everyone what size I wear I told her I know I wear an XL, this is my 4th pregnancy in 5 years. She still insisted on asking me what size I wear when I am not pregnant. I told her as nicely as I could that I bought a size L with my first pregnancy and quickly found out that that was a mistake by my 6th month. I reiterated that I am a plus size. I SQUEEZE into a 16. I am sure that XL was the right size. Then she went on to add that everyone loves these jeans, only 3 people have returned them. So I told her that I am number 4! No, I didn't do that but it sure crossed my mind. She finally agreed to take them back and said she'd have to give me a gift card. Like yah, I know!

I won't be buying any sagging jeans tonight!

For those of you who have actually read this far, let me tell you about my exciting night last night. I thought it would be fun to crank up the Christmas tunes and make a little Christmas candy with the kids. So they pulled up some chairs to the mixer while I put Abby in her high chair. Lauren ran upstairs to get their chef's hats and aprons that Grandma gave them last Christmas. We all got into gear and started chopping the pecans. Next came the powdered sugar.
Oh yes, can you see it now? And the housecleaner was just there 4 hours before. By the way, don't try to clean up powdered sugar with a wet sponge. Then you get icing!

Then as I went into the pantry to throw the trash away, I saw Caleb grabbing an ornament. A breakable ornament. It was on the floor in a million pieces before I could turn around. So I carried Lauren and Caleb out of the kitchen and set the gate up so I could sweep, sweep again, sweep with the sweeper, and mop the area. The kids knocked the gate down and started dancing on it. Oh yes, Mommy was not having as much fun as the kids were, that's for sure. I got them all upstairs for a bath. They bathe in our tub, it's bigger and taller. Abby is in a safety seat at the back of the tub and Lauren and Caleb play closer to the front of the tub. I ran to get everyone's jammies but heard Lauren screaming for me. She was screaming Abby's name too. When I got into the bathroom, Lauren was trying to pick Abby up out of the water, they had knocked her seat over while trying to "swim". Lauren started crying and saying she was sorry and she didn't want Abby to go to Heaven. So I calmed the situation down and took Abby into our room to dress her. Then I heard Caleb crying. For crying out loud, what could it be now? He was standing in the tub with blood dripping from his mouth and 2 nicely cut marks in his bottom lip. So I put Abby down and let her cry, got Caleb out, and the rest is just a blur. Somehow I managed to get them all dressed, teeth brushed, and into bed without anything else breaking or anyone else getting hurt. We do have fun at our house.

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Texas Aggie in Florida said...

UGH! I'm sorry! I hate days like that when it's just a chain reaction of events involving small children and messes and breakables!!! Fun times these are. I hope you had some good luck with the jean shopping!