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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Christmas Pictures

Well, here they are, our 2008 Christmas Pictures. The quality isn't that great because I took the images off the photographers' website and of course they don't want you to be able to print your own. We're pretty pleased with how they turned out considering the wrestling match that went down with our sweet Caleb. He will not sit still for pictures. If you look in his hand you will see of my bribery ploys that worked for maybe 3 seconds. In all of the family pictures, Stephen was wrestling with Caleb. I even had to throw my hair behind my shoulder because he kept grabbing it.

We were so proud of Lauren. We really practiced smiling before arriving because at our last session, she would not hold her smile long enough for the picture. We would get her to laugh and she'd laugh so dramatically that she'd throw her whole head back. Doesn't she look like such a big girl?

Don't let this picture fool ya. There is no innocence in this boy!

Abby was the best of all if you can believe that. I was disappointed that they didn't take more shots but I know that they were behind schedule because of Caleb so we'll take her back for her official 1 year pictures later this month.

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SimmonsFamily said...

Thomas and Percy are permanent fixtures in our family pictures. It's pretty much non-negotiable.