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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow in Aggieland

*******Pictures to is at the house and I am at work********

I am serious. It not only snowed in Aggieland, but it actually stuck and there was enough to make snowmen. BIG snowmen, like when I was a kid in Fort Worth. When I woke up around 4 am yesterday, I could hear the sleet hitting the windows. It continued until I left for work. Then it melted.

At 3:00 I was walking from the main building out to my FREEZING cold portable- I'm serious, the heater was on all day and didn't ever make it to 68. Anyway, at 3:00 it starting sleeting again. When I left school at 3:15, it was heavier and seemed to be mixed with some snow. Now, you Northerners (Yankee cousins too) don't laugh because not only does Texas not get much snow, but we are talking Aggieland! South central Texas y'all!

The snow didn't stop. By 4:30 it was starting to accumulate. It just kept on snowing and snowing. The flakes got bigger and bigger. I held off as long as I could from waking Lauren up to show her. Then we all went into the girls' room where I put all the kids in the crib so they could watch the snow. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Some flakes were as big as cotton balls. The snow continued until almost 8:00. We had about 2 inches in our yard and on the roof.

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