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Saturday, December 20, 2008

One today

My sweet Abby is one today!

Here is what we were doing this time last year. What a precious little girl she is. She has been on her feet for a few months but suprisingly hasn't started to walk yet. She just learned how to go down the stairs. She doesn't have any teeth but sure can chew off bits of pizza crust. She loves to wave and say, "bye-bye." She loves to pat her brother and sister on the head and if they get close enough to her in the bathtub, she'll reach over and scrub their backs, it's so cute. She even tries to wash herself with the washcloth. She loves to lay her head on daddy and me as well as cuddle her dolls up to her face and give everyone sweet OPEN-MOUTH kisses. Yummy! If she finds a hairbow, she tries to stick it in her own hair. When she gets ahold of a comb, she tries to comb her sister or brother's hair. It'a amazing what she has learned in one short year.

What I love most these days is to see how her big brother and sister take care of her and even let her play their big kid games. I look forward to watching them all grow and play together. It's amazing how much love children can bring into our lives.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! And Happy Giving Birth Day Mommy!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday sweet darling Abby! You are a precious blessing to all who knows you! Hope your day was super special, I am sure Mommy baked you a delicious cake!!!!!!!! :)